This year’s series of Big Brother has certainly been one of the most explosive, and with the finale set for Friday night (July 28), we got recent evictees Chanelle and Ellie to rank the remaining housemates and let us know what they really think of them! Read on to find out what they had to say…

Chanelle’s Rankings

Chanelle McCleary
Chanelle McCleary

1. Raph: He is so genuine and honest and also never once discriminated or judged anyone; big heart and my best friend in the house!

2. Hannah: She is just as loud and over the top as me and I bloody love it! She has such a heart of gold and has accomplished so much, she is an inspiration!

3. Deborah: She is an inspiration to women out there and young mums, she has been through bad times and come out better than ever, a true inspiration, she is so genuine and loyal!

4. Isabelle: She is so head strong and grounded, she has such a huge heart and should be so proud of herself and what she has accomplished! Amazing young girl!

5. Tom: Tom is just a young lad being a young lad; he is just enjoying himself and why the hell not! He is fun, bubbly and like my younger brother!

6. Kieran: The fun side of Kieran I have seen has been so funny; wish we saw this more instead of the serious boring side. I want to see more of the real Kieran!

7. Andrew: Andrew forgets that in life, being nice gets you a long way and it’s nice to be nice. I do not like the snakey two-faced side to him; I prefer the fun outgoing side!

Ellie’s Rankings

Ellie Young
Ellie Young

1. Tom: TOM TO WIN! He’s such a genuine, loving lad who was like a rock for me in the house! He’s a cheeky chappy, always up for a laugh!

2. Kieran: He has a heart of gold and stays out of any trouble. He hasn’t changed at all and stayed true to himself!

3. Isabelle: A beautiful young girl who is so selfless and cares for her housemates.

4. Deborah: Such a strong woman who has such a beautiful story to be told.

5. Raph: He’s a Big Brother super fan and it would mean so much for him to win, but has he done enough?

6. Hannah: She is like marmite; you either hate her or love her. She’s a big character but sometimes she’s a bit too much.

Big Brother continues tonight (July 27) on Channel 5, ahead of tomorrow night’s finale.

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