We’re rolling ever closer to this year’s Big Brother UK finale, but there’s still a whopping 11 housemates remaining in the house! With that in mind, we’ve assessed all of the footage we’ve been given by Channel 5 to-date and ranked (in backwards order) the housemates, from not-so-great to bloody fantastic!

11. Tom

Tom is an incredibly predictable housemate, who seems to only ever act in the house based on what his male housemates think he should act on. He consistently has gone to alpha males in the house to gain their approval, and has often found himself on the wrong side of arguments because of it. It’s a sin that Tom was voted into the house as the People’s Housemate, because he’s been such a bore ever since.

10. Ellie

We had high hopes for Ellie when she first went into the house. She seemed like a lot of fun and was someone who didn’t look to take things too seriously. That all changed when she set her sights on resident ‘bad boy’, and former DreamBoys stripper, Lotan. Falling head over heels for him, he told her that he wasn’t interested on more than one occasion, but she still somehow saw that as a signal to chase his affection. As soon as he left the house however and our next entry, Sam, came in, she had somebody new to fall for. Ellie seems to be a woman who cannot function in an environment like Big Brother without a man by her side, and in the modern day that’s a very sad thing indeed.

9. Sam

Sam is a likeable, but boring housemate. He’s a typical ‘lad’s lad’, but we’re not sure we can condone randomly whipping your penis out in the garden to impress a girl you’ve already seemingly got under your wing. He’s been treated unfairly at times, because from what we can see, he isn’t using Ellie to further himself; she wasn’t that loved when he went into the house, and that’s something he knows. Putting him any higher up on this list however would be an insult to the other remaining housemates.

8. Andrew

From the small amount of time we’ve seen Andrew in the house, he’s been caught up in a couple of bust-ups! First with Joe, and earlier this week with now-evicted housemate, Simone. Holding his own and getting under the skin of his aggressors with passive aggressive comments, he’s a sassy ball of fire that lights up the house when he most needs it. And we don’t even find his laugh that annoying.

7. Hannah

We love Hannah at Female First, but we do think she’s gotten involved in arguments when she didn’t need to a little bit too much to rise up the rankings even more. It’s a good job she has her sister at her side, as she seems to be the perfect person to calm her down when Hannah is getting wound up by other housemates. Her phobia of Smurfs, while very serious to her, was really quite funny to watch take place on the telly box. Moving forward, we think she can make it to the final, but we think the chances of her going all the way are slim to none.

6. Charlotte

One of the more intelligent housemates, Charlotte has really come out of her shell lately and stood on her own two feet. She’ll only ever get involved in conflict if she’s feeling attacked and doesn’t take sides when other people are arguing. Though we would have loved to see more of the dynamic she had with her mother Mandy in the house, that wasn’t to be, but Charlotte has still given us plenty of TV content to get excited about. Could she pull off an Ashleigh Coyle-esque tale in the next couple of weeks, but go all the way and take the crown? We’re not sure, but we wouldn’t put it past her…

5. Kieran

At times, Kieran has been that typical ‘laddy’ housemate that sails through to the final without a care in the world. What we’ve seen from him more recently, with his affections for Deborah however, have been incredibly sweet scenes. He’s someone who is genuine in his actions and whilst he has made mistakes in the past, particularly in regard to his friendship with ex-housemate Rebecca, he’s never one to deny his mistakes, instead approaching them head on and trying to rectify them as soon as he realises what he’s done wrong. We’d love to see him and Deborah fall madly in love.

4. Raph

Extremely loyal, Raph is a great competitor. He’s been tarnished with the ‘game player’ label a few times, but from what we’ve seen from him in the house, he’s stayed away from drama and only stirred the pot on a couple of occasions when he’s felt his friends have been threatened, or talked about. Despite voting for Donald Trump to become the President of the United States, we think Raph is an intelligent and fantastic housemate. A super fan who’s really enjoying being a part of one of his favourite shows.

3. Chanelle

Chanelle McCleary
Chanelle McCleary

Chanelle is the epitome of reality TV entertainment, without going past the line (on too many occasions…). Though at times she’s clearly playing up to the cameras, there have been many moments where she’s allowed her human, caring side to shine through. Deep down, Chanelle is actually a very vulnerable young girl who just wants to be loved. When she comes out and sees that the majority of the public adore her, we expect her confidence to surpass any way she’s felt before.

2. Deborah

Level-headed, wise and hilarious, Deborah has it all. She’s the perfect housemate. Entering the house with her sister may for some mean that she’s had an advantage over the rest of the housemates, and that may be true, but when we saw the rest of the couples split up or completely obliterated in the first couple of weeks, it actually showed that the pairs were in more of a disadvantage, as they had become easy targets. Deborah has consistently risen above the drama and kept her sister Hannah in check – it said a lot when her other sister Mary came in the house and told Hannah to “listen to Deborah”. We can’t say enough good about Deborah, but we know we’d like to see her walk away with the prize money not just for herself, but for her child on the outside.

1. Isabelle

Isabelle Warburton
Isabelle Warburton

Though she topped eviction polls early on in her Big Brother journey, Isabelle has proven herself to be a selfless and kind-hearted housemate. She’s not one to let others get to her and fights her battles ferociously, but that’s because she’s not afraid to tell the truth to those who are quite clearly lesser people than her. Just this week we saw her put her own BBUK life in jeopardy when she placed herself on the block, despite Sam being another option to go out of the door. She took the spot because she’d been in the house longer, which proves to us that she’s in the house for the experience and friendships rather than the prize money. We’d absolutely love Isabelle to go all the way, and we think there’s a major chance she could do it.

Big Brother continues each night on Channel 5.

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