Finishing in fourth, Bobby Davro had a rollercoaster of a ride in the Celebrity Big Brother and is now opening up about his experience.

Bobby Davro

Bobby Davro

How are you feeling to be out of the house?

I'm gonna have to readjust, but it was just a fantastic period, I don't think I've laughed so much in the space of a month. It was just a laugh, that was the great thing. There was a bit where I got a bit lonely and a bit bored, but genuinely I just loved it to be honest with you, it was fantastic.

Looking back, are there any things you regret?

I will have to watch it because there were times when I was up in the jail part, up the stairs looking down, I used to go up there and I wrote all the material I'm gonna be using about the show up there in my head. A lot of people thought I was being a bit remote but I called it my sabbatical, I used to go up there on the blue seat next to pillows, and I used to mark off on the walls how many days I'd been in like a convict, then I'd sit there for 20 minutes and think of jokes about what was going on. I've got about 30 minutes of new material.

You gave Chloe and Stevi a lot of advice in the house, do you consider yourself a bit of a father figure?

Yeah a little bit, watching the peacocks strut their stuff, James and Austin, I'm twice as old as they are and they're super fit, gorgeous boys, I feel a little bit fatherly yeah. I helped Stevi build his confidence, he didn't have a lot of confidence, he was very negative when he first went in there, but I taught him different systems to be positive but he really came on, especially when Janice had gone. He took over and rightly so because he's gonna marry the young lady and he's gotta stand up to the crease and take responsibility and I think he did, he really started to mature.

Do you believe the Stevi and Chloe-Jasmine relationship is real?

Oh without a doubt, he never stops talking about her. He never stops kissing her and touching her. I had the bed next to theirs as well, goodness gracious I had to put earplugs in. They kept nipping off into the storeroom and having a fumble so, it was pretty real, I don't think they were faking it.

She's quite a fragile little thing Chloe, she's quite fragile and of course she had different issues and it was difficult for her because there were people around that were enjoying alcohol and stuff like that, it was pretty tough for her. I was quite worried at quite a few stages where she seemed very fragile.

You said in the house you didn't think Janice would keep in touch with Chloe-Jasmine out of the house, do you still think that?

Well I think she's locked up in a prison by all accounts! Hitting Farrah over the head with a chair apparently, I don't think she'll be going anywhere soon! (laughs) I've only just heard about it but I would've paid money, it's like pay-per-view with Janice isn't it? She's an incredible character. I got on very well with her and gave her the respect she deserved but towards the end she went potty bananas. She was potty from the beginning but it's been proven really how she's not quite the full shilling and I hope despite my differences with Farrah, I hope the back of her head heals up soon!

We saw Farrah laughing at your impersonation of Jenna in the secret room, do you think her mask slipped there?

Yeah of course it did, yeah. This is British humour, taking the micky out of people and I have to say it was one of my favourite moments when I saw Jenna's face. It was a bit cruel, I was taking the piss basically (laughs) but I laughed and all my mates loved it as well that I've spoken to. But it was only fun, there's no spite with me, it doesn't come from a spiteful, nasty place it just comes from a micky-taking place.

You gave Farrah quite the nomination, has she improved in your opinion since then?

Not at all. Let's just put it this way, we won't be swapping telephone numbers. I didn't like Farrah, she didn't like me, but everyone's told me about the speech I made since coming out of the house, it concerned me that I was being a little harsh, but hell no I meant every word I said and it was proven. She's a beautiful woman on the outside but inside...

The damage is too deep with her, she'll never learn. She has a wall up which is so high you can see it from outer space. It is very sad because she could be an extremely attractive lady but she's got some monster inside her which isn't nice at all, not attractive at all and I stick by what I said. Apparently the whole country were cheering when I did the speech, they keep telling me, it came from a good place, I wanted her to see that she had no right to go around hurting people with nasty words. But it didn't stop her from doing it because that's what, sadly, Farrah is. She's not the most attractive woman I've ever met.

Would you like to see her do another show in Britain?

I don't mind. It means nothing to me, did she go home? She's locked up in prison as well apparently! All the potty banana American women have been locked up in prison, that's what I've heard! Throwing glasses and chairs over each other's heads. Poor Rylan, I felt sorry for him. I've never seen his gums before, I've only seen those teeth of his and the gums came out and everything. He was telling me about it, it must have been a scary thing. But that's their way, and it makes for great television.

Did you ever feel intimidated living with them or nervous around them?

No because nobody in the house could actually press the buttons that upset me. Even when I got shouted at and sworn at by the lovely Austin, it's like water off a duck's back. I let it go the first time with Farrah, and I thought about it, I felt slightly embarrassed that she should have a go at me, she got very personal, and I thought about it and then I picked my moment, and she didn't bother me at all after that. It's just as well because I had hundreds of jokes lined up, but I didn't have to do that, thankfully.

Do you think the Americans took the theme this year too literally?

Yeah they did. They're very competitive, very, very competitive. They did and they don't have the same sense of humour. They don't really understand irony or micky-taking, they didn't get it. That's the way they work, but I liked them. I particularly liked Daniel, he only stayed for a short time but I got on with him, and Austin, I know he has a few anger issues but he's a good man, he's got a good heart and I'm glad he did so well in the show. It was a terrific ending to a terrific show, the bromance between James and Austin, it was riveting, wasn't it?

Did you ever think you'd do so well in the show?

I'm very flattered I got through to the final. There's little old me. I wanted to get through to the final, I would have been disappointed if I didn't make the last day. To finish fourth, I was delighted. I would have liked to have won, we all go into win but I'm really happy with where I came and I did everything I could have contributed to the house in a positive way. There certainly's not much negativity from me and I loved it. I felt like I was one of the peacekeepers and one of the more steady of the bunch. I'm delighted for James because he's such a gorgeous man and hopefully this will launch him into bigger and greater things.

We saw your fear of spiders in the house, when did that start?

I was hoping that would never come out. It was one of the things I wouldn't want to talk about to be honest with you. It's a horrible thing actually. One of the nastiest things Janice did to me, we were playing a podium game and a big house spider came across the floor and I am a severe Arachnaphobic, really severe, and Janice spotted my fear, then I remember one of the first nominations we were doing, she said, 'There's a spider there' just to frighten me, and I didn't like that, I thought that was particularly cruel of Janice to do that.

That little spot of mine in the jail, I always made sure it was clear of spiders and one day Gail had come up and I said 'look there's a big spider can you clear it?' and I hid in the corner and she got it and she went to throw it over and the fence and the bloody thing jumped on her back and that's what you saw. It was a particularly horrible moment for me, it isn't a nice fear.

Were there any frosty receptions when you came out from ex-housemates, such as Jenna?

Actually Jenna was fine, no hard feelings and it was fine. None really, there were a couple in there that maybe I irritated more than others, but I think everyone got on pretty well.

Most of the falling out and the arguments were between the Americans themselves weren't they? For the first week I thought 'what's going on here? It's meant to be America versus Great Britain, they're getting rid of each other by the minute', it's quite strange seeing how they acted.

Do you feel you've changed public perception of older comics by doing a show like Big Brother with such a young audience?

I hope I have. Now I'm obviously on their radar so if they came to see one of my shows I'm sure they'd enjoy it. I have to entertain across the board, obviously I'm not perceived as one of the new wave of comedians, but I can still make the youngsters laugh and I'm very proud of that. I'm far from old-fashioned and I'm far from washed-up, in fact, I'm on a roll now.

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