With yet another new season of Botched coming to E! and hayu here in the UK, we took the opportunity to catch up with the always hilarious and brilliant Dr. Terry Dubrow, to find out a little bit about what to expect…

Dr. Terry Dubrow is back for another season of Botched

Dr. Terry Dubrow is back for another season of Botched

You’re back for another season of Botched – what should fans expect from the show this time round?

If you thought the previous seasons were scary and out there, this [season] is what Paul and I call a “plastic surgery nuclear reaction.” Previously people who have watched Botched for all these seasons are more cautious; this season I think plastic surgery is more out of control than ever before and the complications are much worse, so this is the scariest season yet.

Could you give us a bit of insight as to one of your favourite cases you worked on this season?

My favourite case this season has got to be an upcoming buttocks case, where this woman’s buttock was completely destroyed. She is young and beautiful and a fitness model and it was destroyed by injections. I had absolutely no solutions, no idea what I was going to do and I took her to the operating room and just scanned through it. I just figured it out, and I had a general plan and the plan completely didn’t work initially. Then I got very scared and went to plan B, then C and finally plan D seemed to make it happen. It was very, very scary but it worked and I was really gratified by that case.

Who takes longer getting ready for the Botched cameras – you or Paul?

Okay, you know by taking one look at the two of us. I just get out of the shower, throw my scrubs on and I’m ready to go. But this guy, he spends more time brushing his teeth than I spend getting ready to go to work. I mean this guy is plucking hairs every morning, he puts on his make-up, puts on his skin cream, then as soon as he gets to work he makes the producers do his hair all over again. He is so picky and meticulous and such a metro that he takes the ‘sex’ out of ‘metrosexual’.

Do you ever get used to being filmed when you’re in the workplace?

Yeah I don’t even think about it. I was thinking about this yesterday – I have actually done eight reality shows now, dating back to 2003 when we did The Swan. I am so used to having cameras in the house, in the office and in the operating room that I don’t even register that they are there anymore.

You’re a reality TV veteran – what’s it like being a part of that work?

Because mostly what I do is reality TV-based in my work life it’s not necessarily like being a typical reality TV person. But I will tell you I do enjoy people coming up to me and telling me how much they appreciate Botched and that they are so inspired by the hope we give people. I’m extremely grateful about all the things that Botched has allowed me to do and the skill set that it has given me, and I do enjoy getting good tables at restaurants; that’s one of the best parts! Heather [Dubrow, Terry’s wife and former The Real Housewives of Orange County star] and I went to the new hot restaurant in LA called Avra and they gave us a booth right in the middle of the restaurant and it was packed. That was cool.

If you could choose to work on any one celebrity in the future – botched or not – who would you choose?

To operate on? It would be Dr. Paul Nassif because I think he has a disproportion to his vertical height and his horizontal width. So I would do some bone lengthening procedures on him to at least bring him up to table height.

You’ve also got a new book coming out this October with Heather – what can you tell us about that?

Heather and I have done anti-ageing books, acne books, we have a relationship book we are working on; this book I am really, really excited about – it is called The Dubrow Diet. Basically by using science and what we know about consumerism and practical living, we have figure out a way to bio-hack the body so that if you eat in the right intervals – it is called interval eating – and you take the right supplements, you can lose weight [in] an extraordinary short amount of time, in a painless way and it also has very impressive anti-ageing effects. Basically what we hone in on is how to bio-hack your body to immediately start breaking down fat when you start the diet.

Finally, is there anything else you have coming up you can share some details about?

My wife and I have a project coming up where we are basically transforming families. It’s sort of like a Botched for families. We have been taking families recently and they give us the keys to their family, they put their trust in us and do exactly what we say in terms of relationships, diet, and design because Heather is a house design expert, and we fix the entire family dynamic for families who are at a crossroads; we have a project about that.

Botched airs Tuesdays at 9pm on E!, and is available to stream on hayu, reality on demand.

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