Before jumping into the meat of the subject matter here, let me preface by saying that I do not think Kim Woodburn has acted in a manner anybody should be proud of during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house. She’s been on the wrong side of arguments more than once, but that doesn’t mean the way in which she’s been treated during her CBB experience should be excused. Since day one she has been hounded by a number of housemates simply for pointing out truths and sticking up for herself. Whilst she may go below the belt, she rarely starts a confrontation by doing so and instead only resorts to those tactics when she feels backed into a corner. Let’s take a look at some examples of when Kim was treated unfairly during her time in the infamous household…

Kim Woodburn / Credit: Channel 5

Kim Woodburn / Credit: Channel 5

When security took her out of the house

There have been much bigger fish to fry than the argument which saw Kim taken out of the Celebrity Big Brother house for a night. On her way to the Diary Room following a confrontation with some fellow housemates, former footballer Jamie O’Hara jumped straight out of his bed after being labelled a ‘chicken-livered bugger’ by Kim, seemingly looking to square up to the pensioner and demanding to know who she was speaking to. Whilst it was one of the more iconic moments of this season, it was disturbing to see a man of Jamie’s age get so riled up by an elderly woman that he would charge into another room after her, shirt off and clearly raging, only to see the elderly woman removed from the house rather than Jamie. Kim did give as good as she got however, calling Jamie an ‘adulterer’ in reference to his former marriage with ex Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Danielle Lloyd.

When the house denied that ‘Nicole’ (aka Nicola) was running the show

Kim has said since pretty much her first moments in the house that Nicola McLean was the ‘mafia’, aka the person who was running rings around her fellow housemates and keeping them close to do her bidding. Whilst many, I included thought this was a bit of an odd assessment, it was something Nicola soon proved in her rallying against Jedward. She proved her hold over the housemates when she flipped at Jedward after the twins simply said her eye makeup looked different. Screeching at them for a good 10 minutes, fellow housemates just sat and watched, not one giving her a prod and telling her to calm down – something a good friend would actually do in this situation.

When she got nominated every time possible because of her house entrance

Kim has been in the house for a number of weeks now, but that didn’t stop housemates even just a few days ago from nominating her because of the way she came into the house. It’s understandable that when Kim screeched at Chloe in the garden because she splashed her, people would be annoyed. Now in the last few days of the competition however, it’s time the housemates got over it. Big Brother should have clamped down on this reasoning for nominating Kim and demanding something extra, because it all felt a little bit like a cop-out.

When Coleen blasted her personality changes

Coleen Nolan went through her first time in the CBB house talking about people in the smoking area and rarely saying what she thought of them to their face. This time that’s exactly what she’s done once more with Kim Woodburn; strangely, the focus of her ire each time has been a woman her senior (Julie Goodyear in her original season). In last night’s (February 2) episode we saw Coleen ranting to Nicola and James Cosmo that she was very close to telling Kim exactly what she thought of her; ‘a vile woman’ who she never wanted to speak to again. Of course, she never actually confronted Kim and told her that to her face, but she did reutter it once more when in the comfort of the Diary Room. This isn’t however why Kim has been treated unfairly. Some WOULD call her behaviour vile. What she shouldn’t be slammed for however is for arguing at one point in the day and then being a nice, elderly ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ type the next. Mood swings are a real thing. They happen. Kim being nasty in an argument doesn’t mean she can be nice when she’s not involved in confrontation. It’s a silly thing to pick up on and utterly ridiculous to call Kim fake for it. If anything, she’s showing all sides of her personality and for that should be commended; perhaps she’s the realest housemate in the house.

Credit: Channel 5
Credit: Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother concludes tonight (February 3) with a two-hour finale, from 9pm on Channel 5.

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