There are now just eight celebrities left in this year’s edition of Celebrity Big Brother: Year of the Woman – five women and three men – and with less than a week to go until the final on Friday, February 2, we’ve decided to take a look at everybody still inside the compound and rank them from worst to best!

8) Ann Widdecombe

In Year of the Woman, it’s hard to see somebody like former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe make such an impact with the viewing and voting public of Celebrity Big Brother. Her anti-equality views go against absolutely everything the theme in this series should be about, and she’s proven time and again she’s only willing to give opportunity to people to speak when they conform. In Saturday night’s (January 27) episode, we saw Courtney Act having a close moment with Wayne Sleep, chatting about sexuality and kinship. Ann sat rolling her eyes at the conversation, taking away from the moment and then playing the victim as soon as she was confronted by Courtney. She’s a nasty woman with narrow-minded views and should not be celebrated.

7) Ashley James

Ashley’s fallen into the role of background character ever since Ginuwine left the house, and has on occasion proven to be a little hypocritical. She stereotyped the men for example, saying that they would all know how to start fires, before slamming one of the male housemates for suggesting that if they had a task where they had to sew, she may have more experience than them. She’s gone on the show to represent feminists in all their glory, and she’s done a good job most of the time, but hasn’t provided enough of a challenge to people like Ann to really earn her stripes.

6) Amanda Barrie

Unfortunately, Amanda’s protection of a woman (Ann) who would rip away the right she currently enjoys to be married to her wife is something that has left a very sour taste in the mouth. She’s got somebody around her age in the house which we imagine is a must-have in something as brutally raw as Celebrity Big Brother, but she should be more challenging when it comes to tough topics being brought up in the house. She’s always ready to protect Ann at any given point, but that is something never reciprocated.

5) Shane Lynch

Whilst Shane is a lovely man and somebody we’d love to be friends with, he hasn’t provided enough content to go further up on the list! There’s not much to say about his time in the house, other than applauding him for being able to keep a level head at all times and, early on, educating himself on the differences between the trans community and drag artists.

4) Jess Impiazzi

Whilst Jess has been quiet in the house from time to time, the moments she steps up and says something have either been incredibly intelligent and emotional, or downright hilarious. She’s not made a single enemy throughout the show and has proven herself to be a classy young girl, tearing away any reputation she may have had due to her time on shows like Ex On The Beach. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jess.

3) Wayne Sleep

Wayne is one hilarious character! He’s hidden 12 cans of booze on his body whilst running from the storeroom to the bathroom, choreographed synchronised swimming in the hot tub and had some brilliant moments with his real-life friend Amanda Barrie. His nomination against Shane J was seen as a sly moment, but when it comes down to it, this OBE-holder is without a doubt one of the most switched on and entertaining housemates of the year. Just don’t interrupt him when he’s name dropping and telling one of his fascinating stories!

2) Malika Haqq

Out of all of the women, Mailka has made the best overall impression. She’s shown that she’s not the stereotypical American woman we usually get a show of this type, keeping a level head throughout, apart from when she was nearly forced to eat sardines and porridge! She’s got Ann’s personality down to a tee, claiming that “misery loves company”, and has been a brilliant shoulder for people to lean on whenever they need her, from first evictee India Willoughby to current housemate Shane Janek.

1) Shane Janek aka Courtney Act

What can we say about Shake, aka Courtney that hasn’t already been said? He’s an intelligent, emotional, entertaining, compelling, non-judgemental, non-patronising, perfect example of how the world could be if everybody accepted one another for their differences and their quirks. Shane is the embodiment of this year’s theme, despite being a man. He’s opened up his heart to everybody in the Celebrity Big Brother house, allowing fellow housemates to have their own opinions whilst offering his own without appearing confrontational. He would make a fine winner for this year’s edition of Celebrity Big Brother, and we hope he can manage to go all the way. Especially when his biggest competition seems to be coming from somebody like Ann Widdecombe.

Celebrity Big Brother continues each night on Channel 5, with the final airing on Friday, February 2, 2018.

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