New mum and business owner, Hanna Kinsella, gives us an insight into her life; from filming The Real Housewives of Cheshire to making Tik Toks with her husband Martin. Read about all this and more below!

Hanna Kinsella / Picture Credit: Hanna Kinsella

Hanna Kinsella / Picture Credit: Hanna Kinsella

What does your day-to-day life look like at the moment?

I’m at home looking after baby Maximus for a lot of the time. It’s still early days so its mainly all about the feeding, changing and sleeping routine, but now he’s a little older I’ve been getting out and about, meeting other new mums in my local area.

I go to baby sensory classes and meet up with friends for lunch or coffee to break up the week. When he’s napping, I catch up on emails and bits of work.

As well as looking after baby Max day-to-day, I am currently filming for the new series of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, which has been a lot of fun. Max has been involved a lot in the filming, and he’s a natural on camera!

As well as all of that I have my Icy Bear teeth whitening range of products to oversee, which is very busy and exciting and we have new products coming out soon.

Martin and I have been out-and-about a little more as a couple recently, which is lovely, and we celebrated his 40th birthday with a few get-togethers and we also attended the launch of the new King William pub in Wilmslow, so life is busy but good.

How is baby Max doing?

Max is amazing and is doing great. He’s four-months-old now, and its a lovely age as he’s beginning to react to things and he’s smiling and giggling, which is so cute. It’s been lovely to be able to show him off a bit more to friends and family as we come out of lockdown.

How was it seeing Max for the first time?

Words cannot describe the moment you meet your baby for the first time. I think I was quiet for the first time ever! I do remember saying something funny, as they lifted him up to show us like Simba in The Lion King, like ‘Oh my god, I’ve given birth to my husband!’ because everyone was saying how much he looked like Martin! We’ve never felt love like it. We can’t imagine life without him.

You have your own private dental practice in St. Helens; what piqued your interest in Dentistry?

I actually did a work experience placement at a dental surgery in Bolton when I was at school, and I really enjoyed it. I was always good at science and art at school, so as I started to think about my future I decided that I wanted to pursue a career that combined both subjects.

I went on to study dentistry at the University of Liverpool for five years. It was tough to get into, and highly competitive but I studied hard and then took a residency at King’s College Hospital in London. That was very difficult as 700 people applied for 40 places, but I am still incredibly proud to have made it through. It was always my dream to own a dental practice; I had my eye on Kiln Lane Dental for a couple of years, and the rest is history.

Do you enjoy going into the practice to see staff and customers? Will you be going back to work?

I have a fantastic team at Kiln Lane Dental and we are genuinely like a little family. I’ve been off work since I had Max, and I have really missed everyone, but I plan to go back to work for a couple of days a week once he turns six-months-old. I’ve not yet been to show him off to the team but that is on my list for June.

There’s always such a lovely atmosphere at the practice; it’s a warm and friendly place. Everyone was over-the-moon at my baby news and it was something positive for us to chat about while we were all still dealing with COVID-19 last year, plus the patients love that their dentist is on TV and we have some great chats!

How is your dental brand, Icy Bear doing?

I honestly cannot believe how well it is going and how the brand has been received. Obviously dentistry is my passion and to launch my own range of products was a seed of an idea just before lockdown, but I couldn’t progress it as quickly as I wanted because of COVID-19. Despite this, it all went ahead and launched last Autumn.

I selected the ingredients carefully for the first product, which was toothpaste, and it’s been great to be hands-on in the development and manufacturing process here in the UK.

The next product is an electric toothbrush, which will be on shelves very soon, so watch this space. Patients always ask me which toothbrushes are best, and electric toothbrushes always get my vote because they remove a significant amount of plaque compared with manual toothbrushes. Knowing this, I thought it would be great to add an electric toothbrush into the Icy Bear range.

During lockdown, did you pick up any new skills/hobbies?

During a lot of early lockdown I was pregnant and Kiln Kane was closed, and Martin and I got to spend a lot more time together, relaxing before baby arrived. We actually did quite a lot of baking and cooking in lockdown and honed our culinary skills.

Mostly it was all about getting organized (including wardrobe detoxing!), finishing our house renovations (including designing his gorgeous nursery and the master bedroom) so the main skills over lockdown were baking and interior design, which we both enjoyed very much.

What is it about making TikToks with Martin that you enjoy?

Martin and I do have a lot of fun together and I love TikTok because it’s a social media platform through which you can be a bit silly and be yourself. Sometimes with Instagram it can be quite pretentious; it just gives you small snapshots into someone’s life, often posed, but TikTok lets you have fun.

How did you and Martin celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary? Any plans for your 2nd anniversary (assuming we will be out of lockdown)?

For our 1st anniversary Martin took me away to a luxury hotel in Wales and we had an incredibly relaxing break with lots of treatments, gorgeous food and fresh air. I have no idea how we’ll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary but assuming we’ll still be out of lockdown, we will be making some exciting plans so watch this space!

Hanna and her Husband Martin / Picture Credit: Hanna Kinsella
Hanna and her Husband Martin / Picture Credit: Hanna Kinsella

What do you do on date nights?

In the past we have been big cinema goers for our date nights; usually going to watch something once a week or so, but due to lockdown we were not able to go of course and now we have baby Max! These days we will cook a lovely meal together, watch movies at home, refuel and relax after work, filming, and baby duties.

Episodes 1 & 2 have been released of Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Cheshire and we are loving it! Did you enjoy filming these episodes of RHOCH?

It’s always a lot of fun filming the RHOCH. I love everything about it but mainly being able to get together with the girls. Obviously, the last year has been very restricted and we have seen each other a lot less than usual, so I am really happy to be pretty much back to normal. I am also very grateful to the show as they are really supportive of my business baby, Icy Bear, and have filmed with various bits such as when it launched and things like that.

It’s honestly just such a lot of fun to film, arguments included, and we’ve done some amazing things over the years from getting dressed up and going to gorgeous glitzy events to taking part in charity sports events, such as the charity run we did for Crohn’s recently, organised by the lovely Rachel, which is fun to watch.

What events, personal or professional, are you looking forward to in 2021?

This year is fantastic already. It amazing to see Max grow, develop and master all these new ages and stages and I am really, really loving being a mum so, this will be a very memorable year for our family. Professionally, Icy Bear is growing and developing and there’s so much with the brand coming up because we are always developing new products to add to the range, so I am super-looking forward to this year for Icy Bear. We have also expanded Kiln Lane by putting in another surgery, the team is expanding and the practice has never been busier so I am excited to see how Kiln Lane grows and develops this year.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire continues every Monday at 9pm!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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