She's the reigning Queen of the Geordie Shore house, and now has her own show titled The Charlotte Crosby Experience.

Following her hilarious antics on the MTV show and brilliance on Celebrity Big Brother which eventually earned her the competition's crown, she's now exploring different cultures in places all over the world.

Jumping at the opportunity to speak to such a fantastic personality, I was happy to hear Charlotte as her usual bubbly and excitable self during our interview over the phone, despite her day of doing press after press talk.

Find out what she had to say about unexpected drama, being introduced to an elephant and even the new series of Geordie Shore below.

Are you looking forward to the premiere of your new show?

I can't wait, I'm so excited, I feel like Christmas I just want it to be here right now!

Why did you decide to take part in this new show?

Well it sounded - two seconds Daniel I'm just moving positions - when I first had a few different ones we wanted to do, this was the idea that really stood out to us. It was literally like everything I'd ever wanna do in life in a show put on TV, so it made it even better.

Like, I always wanted to have my own show, but I wouldn't wanna go down the path of what Amy Childs did or Katie Price, because I haven't got that much of an interesting life yet - I don't think it works when you're this young - so this was just, it hit the nail on the head, it was exactly what I needed to do well, so I think that's why I picked it, because I knew I'd be good, 'cause I knew when you're put in random situations, you just gotta see what happens don't you? You just go with the flow and follow it, so I was really excited and positive about that idea.

Had you travelled much before the show?

I mean I had but not really many places with a lot of culture, do you know what I mean? I went to like holiday destinations like, I've been to Ibiza with my friends, I've been to Magaluf with my friends, and I went on holiday with my family - with my mam and dad. I've been all over America with them but not really places where you get immersed into a culture.

In the show's first episode you head to India, how was that whole experience for you?

India was really good. It was quite hard at times because I was living with such a big family. The Indian people have big families and sometimes it got a bit overwhelming because I was literally by myself - I felt a bit of anxiety sometimes because I was like 'There's so many people here, how do I get into it?'

So was this an emotional journey for you?

Yeah, I think in every episode I cry at least once! (laughs)

Was there anyone you clashed with on your journey or did you seem to get on well with everyone you came across?

There was definitely a clash in one of the episodes, and it kind of all goes wrong! But I get it back, I get it back and I turn things around! That's in the Canada episode where I live with the Hutterites, but that is just drama, drama, drama.

I didn't think having me own show would literally be - I didn't think there would be that kind of drama in it - but it definitely brought a side of like, like Geordie Shore drama you could say! (laughs)

I saw that they're not very big fans of Beyoncé!

No! (laughs)

Where would you say was your favourite place to visit?

I think out of all of them it had to be India and the Arctic.

I saw you were riding an elephant in India, was that very exciting?

It was so emotional, I just cried and cried and cried. I don't know why I get emotional over like, beautiful creatures!

Is this something you'd do again for a second series?

I would love to have the chance to go do more, but nothing's set in stone. It all depends on how this series goes and then maybe they might offer us to do another one, but you never know this could be a massive flop and they might not even wanna be associated with us!

Oh, I don't think so!

Hopefully not!

Where would you want to visit if you did get a second series?

I'd love to go to America - I'd love to be an astronaut. I'd love to just do loads of different crazy - like be a cowgirl - just do loads of different crazy stuff like that.

We've had Mark Wright recently on TV doing a travel show, and Tom Daley...

And Joey Essex!

Yeah and Joey Essex, have you been watching those shows?

I didn't watch any of Mark's because I was away filming mine. I caught a little bit of Joey's because my friend showed it us on her phone on the catchup thing. I thought Joey's was hilarious - Joey's hilarious anyway - I haven't seen Tom's, I didn't see Mark's, but I think it's just a bit weird how there's all three on the same channel. Very strange isn't it?

Your other hit show Geordie Shore is back this summer, have you started filming, or is that finished now?

It's currently in the process.

Right, OK. So what do you think of the new face on the scene Aaron Chalmers?

Oh, Aaron's lovely. Such a lovely boy. What we've came to find is he's not like the other boys. He is a bit of a gentleman. Well, maybe not a gentleman but compared to the other lads he's a gentleman! (laughs) So yeah, Aaron's lovely. It's nice to have a new face and someone who's so polite, and he's just a nice lad, we're really getting on with him.

That's good. So could you give us any gossip from the series or is it all under wraps?

It's all under wraps! I can't say anything because I'm not spoiling it for you because it's gonna be action-packed, it's gonna have more drama than ever in, and I think when everyone's watching it they're not gonna be able to take an eye off the tele, because the second you blink, something's happened! I've been in there man and I walk into the club at the night time, and I've got people saying "I'm not talking to her, I'm not talking to him!" and I'm like "Oh my God man! Stop!"

So reflecting back on all you've done so far, would you change anything or do anything differently?

I mean, everything that I've done has got us into this position now, so I wouldn't really want to say I'd change it, because then I wouldn't be where I am now and I wouldn't have the fans I have today, and I just wouldn't be meself, do you know what I mean? What I've done has got us here today. There are a few things I'd like to change but if I did change them, maybe none of this would have happened for us so no, I'm gonna say no, let's not talk about them.

You did win Celebrity Big Brother, can you see yourself doing anything like that again?

I did always wanna do I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! but they wouldn't ever have us.

Do you not think?

No, no I tried! They wouldn't have anyone from Geordie Shore!

Oh really?!

Yeah, I promise ya! I wanted to do it so bad man, but now I've done Big Brother I just wouldn't be arsed to do that, Big Brother was so hard that'd be even harder!

I can imagine! So finally do you have any other projects in the pipeline you can share some details about?

Do you know what, I don't. I don't ever have any plans. Things just kind of happen so spur of the moment I'm like 'yeah I'll do that, I'll jump onboard', but no I don't have any as such.

So far I'm so busy at the minute I couldn't fit anything else in, but hopefully, hopefully I'll have more amazing things at the end of the year.

The Charlotte Crosby Experience comes to TLC from Tuesday, April 29 at 9pm.

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