Jean Alexander is the most recognised soap star the UK has ever seen. Playing Hilda Ogden for over 20 years in ITV's Coronation Street, with her trademark head scarf, hair rollers and pinny, she scrubbed the floors of the Rovers Return when the punters had gone home, whistling and singing a tune as she went.

Tragically, Jean lost her life yesterday (October 14) just days after her 90th birthday, so we've decided to take a look back at her years in Corrie to remember some of her best and most memorable moments…

Describing the Street's Elsie Tanner: 'Elsie Tanner's heart is where a fella's wallet is - the bigger the wallet, the more heart she's got.'

After serving Stanley pilchards: "Quite right, Stanley, I wouldn't give them to a working man, but seeing as you don't fall under that category there's no problem is there? Now get them ate."

When arguing with boss Annie Walker about her work: "We are a family of professional cleaners, which puts us higher up in Godliness than some folk I could name."

When engaged in a lover's tiff with Stanley: "You great, big, fat lump of human uselessness."

When husband Stanley asks what her lipstick tastes like: "Woman, Stanley. Woman."

Hilda sobs during Stan's funeral

Hilda's final farewell

Jean leaves behind her family, including niece Sonia Hearld who told The Guardian: "She was a great person and she will be missed".

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