We've got mere days to go until we see the return of HBO's critically-acclaimed fantasy series, Game of Thrones. Based on the Song of Ice & Fire novel series by George R. R. Martin (which is STILL incomplete!), the show has taken the world by storm, delivering a bunch of gut-wrenching twists and turns throughout each of the seven seasons to-date.

With those twists have come a bunch of different deaths, some shocking and some wholly expected. Despite that, there are means by which a character may rise up and claim power once more; we did of course see Jon Snow (Kit Harington) do exactly that after being betrayed by his fellow Night's Watchmen.

So, will we be seeing the return of characters we've waved goodbye to in the show's final six episodes? Here's who some think could be in the running to make a surprise comeback...

5. Ned Stark

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Yes, we saw him beheaded at the end of the first season, but could Sean Bean be looking to make the jaws of millions drop in the next couple of months? Some viewers have theorised that Ned may be the figure chasing Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) in a recent teaser trailer, whilst others think it's more likely that if he does return, it'll be in one of Bran Stark's (Isaac Hempstead Wright) visions.

4. Petyr Baelish

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Despite a dramatic death at the hands of Arya last season, Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen) could still be alive and kicking, according to a recent theory. It's theorised that the character has often been at the forefront of major events throughout the GoT timeline, having poisoned Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson) and creating the Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) rebellion. So, would Martin really kill off such an important character before all is said and done?

So how would he still be alive? The simple answer is that he was replaced in the North by a faceless man. If this turns out to be the case, and he's still playing the great game, the reveal could turn out to be one of the biggest scenes in television history. Keep your belts buckled!

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3. Hodor

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Played by Kristian Nairn, Hodor is one of the most beloved characters from the GoT universe. Working hard to keep Bran safe wherever possible, he eventually died whilst doing exactly that, holding a door so that he could escape a mass of Wights.

Now, we know the Night King likes the members of his Wight Army to be strong and hulking wherever possible. Would he really pass up the opportunity to bring somebody like Hodor back from the dead to fight on his side? This would be just as heartbreaking as the death scene if so...

2. Khal Drogo

Spotted in Belfast a year ago, at the same time GoT was being filmed, Jason Momoa sparked rumours that Khal Drogo would be making an eerie return to the show. In exactly what capacity that could happen remains to be seen (if at all), but on a personal level, I think this is more of a pipe dream than anything that could happen in reality.

1. Catelyn Stark, aka Lady Stoneheart

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

There are spoilers here if you're planning on reading the Song of Ice & Fire book series! Fair warning...

In the books, Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) is killed at the Red Wedding, as she was in the show. At a later date however, readers discover that she has been brought back from the dead, and now goes by the name of Lady Stoneheart. Killing anybody who gets in her way during her journey of revenge against the Freys, she's not a force to be reckoned with.

Rumours about Stoneheart making a television debut have been rife for years, but always denied by those in charge. Could they be about to pull the ultimate swerve on us all?

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Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and final season on Sunday, April 14, 2019, airing on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK (on Monday, April 15, 2019).

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