Whether you know him thanks to his time on Ireland's Dancing With The Stars, or his totally awks period on Love Island 2019 which may have started with drama and disaster, but ended with true love, Curtis Pritchard has become a household name. We got some time with the professional dancer to chat all about his recent sign-up to Weight Watchers, swapping the world of dancing with boxing, and much more!

Curtis Pritchard spoke to Female First after joining WW to up his health game!
Curtis Pritchard spoke to Female First after joining WW to up his health game!

You're currently going through Weight Watchers' new programme; how have you found that experience?

I'm finding it an incredible experience. I've created a healthy relationship with food which has made me feel mentally and physically much better - it feels like my body has come to a natural position. Throughout my dancing career, I've always been in pressured situations to look a certain way. It has been hard to sustain - mentally and physically it left me feeling drained. I was eating more and also going out to restaurants. Now I've made simple changes and still eat the food I want. I've managed to lose half a stone - and have another half to go!

What are some of your favourite foods and treats to enjoy?

My favourite food is burgers - I used to eat burgers non-stop! If I want a burger now, I have a side of veg rather than chips. Dessert-wise I have zero fat yogurt, with frozen fruit - it makes it feel like you're eating ice cream!

You and Tommy [Fury] had your own series, where you swapped the world of dancing with boxing! How did you find that whole experience?

It was an incredible experience - I always put others first in my life, however this made me focus on myself. I didn't have to worry about anyone else being hurt and I loved it!

What were some of the best tips and pieces of advice Tommy gave you before you entered the ring?

It was random things - weighing in and walking down going into the fight. For the weigh in, don't smile or laugh - keep a serious, straight face so that no one can read you. Same advice as when you walk down into the fight.

Similarly, what advice did you have for Tommy, and others who may want to get started in the world of dancing?

Go to a dance school or get private lessons with a partnerGo open-minded and you will enjoy it - you will end up falling in love with it.

You and Maura are still going strong after Love Island - what's the secret to keeping the passion and love in your relationship?

Don't change who you are and make sure you appreciate each other!

What do you make of Maura's performance on Dancing on Ice so far?

I've been every week! She is doing so well and loving it.

You appeared in the RuPaul's Drag Race UK finale; how was that whole experience? Did you have a favourite drag queen to work with?

It was incredible! It was also the first TV my brother AJ [Pritchard] and I did together - so a really memorable experience. All were amazing and so lovely - I'm afraid I couldn't pick one!

Finally, what plans do you have for 2020 that you can share some details about?

My tour with my brother - AJ Live - starting March 5th - and of course my WW goals of losing another half a stone!

Curtis has joined WW to build healthier habits so he can live a more active and healthier lifestyle. For more information about myWW, visit WW.com or download the WW app.

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