To celebrate MTV's brilliant new series True Love or True Lies?, we decided to get contestants Dee and Jade to come up with three truths and a lie for Female First readers to try and debunk! Which of the following do you think the devious duo have made up, and which do you believe?

Hosted by Maya Jama, with hilarious voiceover from Danny Dyer, the show got off to a wicked start earlier this week.

Dee is somebody who had actually bumped into Jade in her previous life before going through her transition. Now, a few years later, the pair locked eyes once more on a dancefloor, unaware that they'd met in the past.

Completely unfazed after discovering what Dee had been through, the two quickly entered a serious relationship, which came as a surprise for Jade who had only ever dated men in the past. The pair have now been together for 18 months.

Are Dee and Jade telling the truth about their relationship, or are they simply looking to get their hands on a massive cash prize?

True Love or True Lies? airs every night at 9pm on MTV.

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