The Holby team pull together to avert the developing crisis with the twins separation but there is still a massive amount to do before they are home and dry. Jayne is a nervous wreck as she’s gambled everything by going to the press. Crowe tells her the board is not happy with her choice of action and they feel her resignation will be needed.

Connie and Elliot are watching the operation on the video link as Michael and Ric work hard to stem a bleed. Connie gets a call from her lover John saying that he needs her immediately. Connie calls him back, but there is no answer and although he is just in the shower Connie doesn’t know this and thinks something is wrong. Connie pauses for thought and tells Elliot something has come up and she needs to go.

Maria and Donna find a mysterious teenage girl wandering Keller. She collapses and Maria rushes over to her finding she is wearing a jacket and nothing else. It’s also obvious that she has had a large amount of plastic surgery. Donna rushes to find a doctor, who pauses as he sees Maria.

Connie arrives at the hotel to see John but is angry when she realises that there is no emergency and that she just come out of surgery for no reason. John is surprised as he didn’t know that Connie was a surgeon as they have a rule never to tell each other personal information. She takes hold of John’s finger to reveal a wedding ring. He has never tried to hide it but does Connie really want to know?

Donna and Maria quiz the girl they found wandering the ward. She doesn’t say much except for her name, Venice. Maddy takes Venice off for scans which show she has broken her arm and Maddy quizzes about how it might have happened. Venice says nothing but a woman approaches Mark asking if he knows anything about a young girl named Venice as she is her mother.

Connie and John sit on the hotel bed together, it’s early morning and Connie gets a telephone call from Elliot asking her to come back to the hospital. Connie kisses John and says she loves him. She leaves with a smile on her face but she knows her relationship with John cannot last for much longer.

Meanwhile, Venice is refusing to see her mother, Maddy wants to know why. Venice explains that her mother made her have plastic surgery so that she would become famous but the mother contradicts Venice, blaming her daughter for wanting plastic surgery not her. She also explains that she was beaten up after answering a modelling advert in a shop window.

Maria has coffee with the doctor who was working with Adler, he asks her out for a drink but Maria explains that there is someone else. The doctor is disappointed but still asks for her e-mail. Maria gives it to him and then realises that she doesn’t even know his name.

The separation has now been going on for 24 hours with Ric and Michael performing the last procedure, separating the bowel. This proves difficult as one twin’s bowl is bigger than the other’s and if not separated correctly could kill the other twin. The weaker twin gets a bleed but Michael has no idea where it is coming from, Ric makes Michael wait as leaving the bleed will allow them to find where it is coming from, they only have seconds to find it but when they do they carry on to the final stage.

Jayne hears that the government have backed down and are going to stump up the cash to pay for the operation so that Holby City can give Steve Randall his money back. Plus the Tans have been granted asylum in Britain. However, the board are still going to meet to decide Jayne’s future. Linden is amazed by the news and cannot wait to tell the Tans, but waits till the operation is over before delivering the news.

Mark informs Kyla that her admirer, patient Dorian Roberts has schizophrenia. Roberts has been lying to her. Kyla is upset as she thought things with Roberts were going to develop. She reads his file but not able to read anymore she puts it in a drawer where she sees a large pile of letter all addressed to her from Abra.

Maddy tries to get the mother and daughter to see eye to eye but she doesn’t know who to believe. It is soon made clear when Venice is seen posing for a photographer while still in her bed that her mother is telling the truth and Maddy apologises to the mother.

Maria receives an e-mail from Aaron saying that he had coffee with a lovely girl today. Maria looks upset thinking that Aaron is seeing someone else. The next day she bumps into the doctor who she had coffee with yesterday and he asks her if she got the email he sent yesterday. Confused, she says that she got an e-mail from Aaron. He flashes his pass to her which says Aaron Fellows. Maria is surprised and looks slightly embarrassed, but is glad to meet him finally. Aaron asks her out for a drink again and she agrees.

The twins separation is over, they are both OK and applause breaks out when they are carried out of the operating theatre. The Tans deliver a speech to the press, thanking everyone at Holby City, and the people of Britain for saving their children.