Divina De Campo at her DragCon UK 2020 booth
Divina De Campo at her DragCon UK 2020 booth

This past weekend (January 18-19th, 2020), we got the opportunity to attend the first ever DragCon UK at the Olympia London! Whilst there, we bought some exclusive merchandise and got the chance to speak to some of our favourite drag queens, including RuPaul’s Drag Race UK runner-up Divina De Campo!

“I am feeling good,” she said as we asked her about being a part of the historic event. “All these lovely people [are here], all ready to have a good time, have a chit chat and buy some nice things to take home with them.

“RuPaul just held my hand and took me down the stairs… that sounds like a euphemism doesn’t it? But it isn’t!” Cue that iconic Divina De Campo laugh.

Following on from her time on Drag Race, Divina released a collection of music, leading with her single A Drag Race Song. It’s one of the catchiest tunes a Drag Race queen has ever released, and Divina says that the reaction from fans has been “really positive”, and “exactly the response I wanted from people.”

Now, as well as being a Queen of the people, Divina is prolific for voicing her opinion on the state of the country, particularly when it comes to politics. With the Labour leadership election in full swing, we asked her about if she’s been able to keep up with all that’s going on.

“I’m following a little bit of it, but I’ve been so busy that I’m not really able to key into it properly at the moment,” she explained.

“If we wanna win; if Labour wants to win – I say we, I’m not really Labour but, if Labour wants to win, they have to appeal to a much broader base of people, and the only person for me at the moment who does that is Keir Starmer. Even though his policies are actually much more left-wing than [Tony] Blair’s were…

“People are about what you look like. That’s where we are at the moment in terms of society; what does the person look like? Do they look like a serious person? Can I trust them?”

So, there’s the Divina stamp of approval for Starmer, but there's so much that could happen in the next two and a half months, who knows who she'll be backing when the time comes for membership to vote?!

Divina De Campo with Entertainment Editor Daniel Falconer at DragCon UK 2020
Divina De Campo with Entertainment Editor Daniel Falconer at DragCon UK 2020

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