Bianca Del Rio is without a doubt one of the most enigmatic and successful drag personalities in the world. Winning the sixth season of critically-acclaimed reality competition series RuPaul’s Drag Race, Bianca opened herself up to legions of fans across the globe, and will be returning to the United Kingdom next year for her new tour, Blame It On Bianca Del Rio.

Bianca Del Rio returns / Credit: Jovanni Jimenez Pedraza

Bianca Del Rio returns / Credit: Jovanni Jimenez Pedraza

Following the global sell-out comedy tours Not Today Satan and The Rolodex of Hate, expectations are high for the Queen of Mean. We caught up with Bianca on her recent trip to the UK to find out a little more about her, and she shared with us five exclusive facts for Female First readers that they surely won’t know about her. Number 5 is mind-blowing…

  1. I’m a morning person… Because I stay up all night drinking and I’m still awake in the morning… Drunk… So I’m a hoot.
  2. I secretly love airport lounges, and I’ve stolen a cookie or two even though you’re not supposed to remove them from the lounge.
  3. I like party food… Especially gherkin pickles.
  4. I laugh at myself at least three times a day… But I can’t always guarantee the audience will.
  5. I’m a man.

Tickets for the UK Blame It On Bianca Del Rio tour are on sale now and available from 

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