Ozzy and Jack Osbourne are back this weekend on HISTORY with a brand new series of their World Detour, kicking off their travels in the UK as they make a stop at the mythic structure of Druid Lore, Stonehenge.

Their visit turns out to be a memorable one, with Jack speculating that alien involvement could have been the reason for the monument's creation, whilst Ozzy is just worried his shoes could be a little too flamboyant for the UK.

Making a move to 'Superhenge', Ozzy is annoyed to discover that the newly found site is hidden underground, as all he wants to do is visit the secret World War II headquarters of British Intelligence at Bletchley Park. Jack encourages him to enjoy what else the country has to offer however, as they stop at the world's oldest pub - The Royal Standard of England in Beaconsfield.

Finally making a stop at Glastonbury, Jack has organized a surprise knighting ceremony for his father, with a King from the past giving the Prince of Darkness the special accolade.

Ozzy and Jack's World Detour returns for a new series, tomorrow (September 18) at 9pm on HISTORY.

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