The Real Housewives is a franchise and series of shows that has entertained reality show lovers for over a decade now. Though we all love seeing the wives get along and have fun times together, the moments we remember most is when they're at one another's throats! With that being said, let's take a look at five of the most memorable Real Housewives feuds to hit the small screen so far!

1) Teresa Giudice versus Danielle Staub

This was the feud to start ALL feuds. Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub weren't getting along at the best of times and, when the first season of New Jersey ended with a table flip heard around the world, everybody knew they were in for a bumpy ride moving into season 2. Teresa wouldn't let her argument with Danielle stop despite the latter not really willing to engage, with scenes of T chasing Danielle through a country club forever cemented in fans' memories. Though they didn't get along at all during their time on the show, the pair are now buddied up and recently took an Instagram snap doing yoga together. They do say time heals all wounds!

2) Brandi Glanville versus Lisa Vanderpump

What started out as an unlikely friendship, when Lisa Vanderpump defended rough around the edges Brandi Glanville upon her introduction on the show, turned into a bitter rivalry. Vanderpump wasn't willing to hear Brandi out once their relationship had crumbled, but Brandi wasn't going to let her go without a fight, calling her 'manipulative' and the 'ultimate chess player'. The feud continues to rumble on, as Brandi recorded a video message slamming Vanderpump and sent it in to be played at the most recent Beverly Hills reunion, despite being fired from the show. Awkward!

3) Kyle Richards versus Camille Grammer

Another Beverly Hills rivalry which came a little earlier in the series was that between Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer. Though Camille was labelled the 'most hated housewife of all time' on magazine covers following the first season of RHOBH, she quickly turned viewers around and won the hearts of people watching. During their time feuding, perhaps the most memorable point came when Camille invited her 'psychic' friend over to what is now dubbed the 'dinner party from hell'. Pushing for a psychic reading, Kyle was told some things she might not have wanted to hear, such as 'your husband will never emotionally fulfil you'. Awesome car crash TV!

4) Bethenny Frankel versus Jill Zarin

Another friendship turned rivalry is that between Real Housewives of New York members Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin. The two were so close for so long, but when Bethenny began to find huge success with her business ventures, things began to turn sour. Bethenny tried to sort things out with Jill, but Jill was unwilling to talk on a number of separate occasions. When Jill eventually wanted to talk, Bethenny decided her former bestie had run out of chances. It was hard to watch as their friendship was so special when it was alive, but in the long run, the toxic relationship is probably best left swept under the carpet.

5) Gina Liano versus Andrea Moss

Making its way to Australia, the Real Housewives franchise really picked some incredible cast members for The Real Housewives of Melbourne! It looked as if the cast of the show were turning on fan favourite Gina Liano during filming, not knowing that it would backfire on them all, Andrea Moss especially. Andrea decided to quit the show after the first series, but not before Gina managed to wipe the floor with her on several occasions. That deck of cards certainly did come tumbling down!

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