Since leaving the Love Island villa, Frankie Foster’s life has been quite crazy.

When he first left the villa he packed enough belongings for one night in London - but got so busy he didn’t actually leave for three and a half weeks.

Frankie Foster speaks to Female First

Frankie Foster speaks to Female First

He’s only recently started to settle back into a routine - though appearances and events are still penned in for many dates in the diary.

I called Frankie this morning to chat about all things fitness, Love Island, and we also discussed his peanut butter preferences.

Just 20 minutes before our scheduled chat, I noticed Frankie posting selfies at the hairdressers on Instagram. I became growingly concerned he may have binned off our phone interview for a fresh trim.

But it was cool, because by the time he answered the phone he was already back at the gym which he runs with his pal, Jack.

Frankie co-runs Gym66 in Cheltenham. If you take a look on his personal and gym Instagram account you’ll see how he is always giving tips and advice to his followers about how to stay in shape.

I asked Frankie what his best tips are for gym newbies, and how to get going with a healthy lifestyle for those ready to make the change.

“Start off by getting some professional coaching, or just take a friend - it’s good to know that what you’re doing is actually right.

“There’s also loads of free advice on social media to look out for - but just be careful you do follow the right people who know what they’re talking about.”

And what about advice for people who have hit a dead end with their fitness routine?

“Try something new - mix it up. And again, take a friend, it’s a good way to enjoy it more.

"Group training is a great way to stay motivated - the Gym66 group training program focuses on developing your strength and fitness."

Frankie has been focusing on more than just hitting the gym and lifting weights in regards to exercise lately, too.

Last weekend he got involved with a celebrity charity football match at Derby County FC alongside pal Love Island pals Josh Denzel and Jack Fowler - and he is gearing up for another one on the 21st October at Tranmere Rovers.

Frankie get his followers involved with his social media activity, regularly doing polls and using the ‘ask me a question’ button on his Instagram story.

I decided to do some quick fire questions with Frankie to find out a bit more about him…

Katie: Do you prefer running on a treadmill or outdoor routes?

Frankie: Outdoor!

Katie: Have you watched Brooklyn 99?

Frankie: No… What is Brooklyn 99?

I obviously then had to let Frankie know how great Brooklyn 99 is - I hope he takes my advice and gives it a watch.

Katie: Peanut butter - crunchy or smooth?

Frankie: Hmm... crunchy.

Katie: Pubs or clubs?

Frankie: I’m not a big fan of pugs…

Katie: Me neither, but pubs?

Frankie: Oh! Pubs!

Katie: Toast - well done or lightly toasted?

Frankie: Well done!

Katie: What’s more important? Good brows or good teeth?

Frankie: Good teeth!

Katie: Can you do a Rubik's cube?

Frankie: I’ve tried many times but no!

Katie: Do you support the football team of your hometown?

Frankie: No… I support Leeds! My family support Leeds.

Although I am glad he supports a northern club - as I am a Huddersfield Town fan - it turns out we are actually rivals.

Katie: Mayo or Ketchup?

Frankie: Ketchup - on everything…

For more about Frankie follow him on Instagram: @frankiefoster3

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