It was in 2003 that Bruno Langley's character Todd Grimshaw shared a short kiss with his sister's boyfriend Nick Tilsley on Coronation Street.

Following that, ITV found themselves receiving a multitude of complaints because of the scene.

Fast-forward to today - over 10 years on - and Eastenders have aired a new homosexual encounter - this time with new Square resident Johnny Carter and the bisexual Danny Pennant - both portrayed brilliantly by Sam Strike and Gary Lucy.

Sam Strike as Johnny Carter / Credit: BBC

Once again, people decided that the scene was not fit for viewing, even after the 9pm watershed - and although not as many went the official route to complain - Twitter was inundated with messages of disgust and hate aimed at the cast members: "you sick man! Thought you were alright before..." being just one of many sent directly to those who appeared on-screen.

Why is it that the people who should be applauded for continuing the work to break down barriers regarding important topics such as sexuality and equality are still berated in 2014? This ignorance shown by a minority is worrying, but we can be pleased in the fact that it is just that - a minority.

Gary Lucy as Danny Pennant / Credit: BBC

Should there even be a debate here? Not in my eyes - there is a right and a wrong when it comes to equality, at least from my point of view, and if real-life stories regarding sexuality turn you off, it's time to immerse yourself in the real, modern and accepting world that the majority of us live in.

Daran Little who wrote the episode commented: "I thinks it's encouraging that Hollyoaks gay kisses don't get complaints, cos its viewers are young and accepting."

Continue doing your fine work Gary Lucy, Sam Strike, Daran Little and all the actors, producers and writers who make it so much easier for that real-life version of their characters to live their life without trepidation.

Johnny confides in his father, Mick / Credit: BBC

Eastenders airs Johnny's 'coming out' scene tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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