The panto season is almost upon us and as theatres across the land prepare to raise the curtain on this year’s performances, E4 is also bracing itself for a rousing chorus of ‘he’s behind you!’ as it prepares for the first ever Big Brother panto. The ex Big Brother housemates, including Jade, Victor and Marco will star in a modern day adaptation of Cinderella live on E4. However, they will not just have their lines to learn and rehearse – they must write, cast, produce and perform in their version. The ten will live in a specially designed apartment in the run up to the performance and a nightly E4 show will see them prepare for this very special task. (There will be no streaming). They will receive professional coaching every day on everything from choreography to stage presence but it will be down to the housemates to pull the show together and give it their all when they perform the final version live on E4 on Wednesday 5th January. Firstly they must decide who plays each role. Will Jade and Narinda battle it out to land the leading role as Cinders? Will Victor be crowned as the dashing Prince Charming or end up playing an Ugly Sister?

The ex housemates will move into Endemol’s Bristol Studios on 20th December. They will live together for 24 hours a day. The pantomime will be performed live on E4 on Wednesday 5th January.

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