The successful ITV1 telly show Foyle's War is to be axed as it will soon be the end of World War Two.Shooting is expected to start in a short while on the sixth and last series of the programme, featuring Michael Kitchen as WWII officer Christopher Foyle which has had up to 10 million viewers in the past.An ITV1 spokesperson is quoted as saying in the Sun newspaper:“It just seemed the natural time to end the drama – the story has run its course because the war is ending.”The drama, which has been given Bafta Awards and acclaimed for it's fantastic period "look", first came on our screens in 2002 and has been purchased by over 20 nations. Two upcoming movies based in 1942 and 1943 will be televised in late February.Executive producer Jill Green also added:“Recreating history requires meticulous attention to detail and credit is due to our cast and crew.“Viewing figures showing that we regularly beat Marple and Poirot prove that we must be doing something right.”