Alias star Melissa George is the latest actress to join the cast of Lipstick Jungle, the highly anticipated follow-up to Sex And The City.George will take on the part of Nico O'neilly, the glamorous editor of fictional Bonfire Magazine - a pop-culture bible on celebrities, fashion and politics.US network NBC is making the pilot based on author Candace Bushnell's best selling book Lipstick Jungle.Actress Gina Gershon sultry brunette has already been cast as movie industry mogul Wendy Healy the powerful chief of a movie studio. The character is the breadwinner in her family,with a husband who doesn't work, making her the embodiment of the new American career woman.The third lead role - top-tier fashion designer Victory Ford - has yet to be cast.Australian George was most recently seen opposite Clive Owen in Derailed and alongside Ryan Reynolds in The Amityville Horror.The show something of a follow-up to As with Sex In The City, will be set in New York, but will feature a group of women who are in their 40s, further along in their careers rather than their early- to mid-30s.

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