If you've not seen or heard of any of the Swedish Skarsgård family, you've probably been hiding under a rock for the past decade or so.

Everywhere you look, one of them lurks around the corner ready to display their acting chops in a variety of shows and movies that range from the gruesome to the brilliantly camp.

We've taken a look at the five Skarsgård family members you've likely seen or will see in the future on the small or big screen, and delved into their past to see just how they made their way to where they are today.

Head of the family Stellan Skarsgård

He's a regular in the Thor movies, is lined up for the new Cinderella film and put on his dancing shoes for Mamma Mia, but Stellan's career actually started in Swedish television series Bombi Bitt och jag where he played the lead character, Bombi Bitt.

Since then his roles in television haven't been as prominent as the movie side of his career, but he has taken guest roles including that of Verner Vollstedt in Entourage.

Next year will see him step into the shoes of John River for BBC One British drama RIVER - a six-part series created and written by Abi Morgan.

Eldest child Alexander Skarsgård

Credit: HBO

Studying theatre in America for just six months proved to Alexander that acting was the career path he wanted to go down, and so when he made a return to Sweden it didn't take long for the heartthrob to begin picking up acting jobs in film, television and theatre.

His most notable roles include that of Eric Northman in the HBO series True Blood, where he turned from the guy everybody loved to hate to someone fans just loved to love, and though he was first unsure about playing a vampire, when he learned that Alan Ball was behind the project he couldn't resist sending in an audition tape, but for the role of Bill Compton.

If you're a fan of Lady Gaga, you may have noticed he plays her murderous partner in the music video for 'Paparazzi' back in 2009, but today sees him taking on the title character in forthcoming film Tarzan opposite Margot Robbie as Jane.

Gustaf Skarsgård

Credit: History Channel

He might not be as well-known as some of his relatives, but from 1989 Gustaf has had a string of jobs in short films and television series.

He played Jonas #1 in Cleo for five episodes back in 2002, and can be seen presently in the brutal series Vikings as gifted craftsman Floki, who considers himself a descendant of Loki, the trickster God.

Bill Skarsgård

Credit: Netflix

If you enjoy some of Netflix's original series, you may have spent some time watching the first season of Hemlock Grove, a supernatural thriller series where Bill takes the lead as Roman Godfrey.

He's still pretty fresh in the industry but he does a great job of coming across as a mysterious and sometimes creepy character who would do anything for his family.

2011 saw him nominated for a Guldbagge Award for his lead role of Simon in Simple Simon - a successful 2010 Swedish comedy film.

Valter Skarsgård

IRL movie poster

He's not yet quite broken out as an actor, but played the lead in a Swedish 2013 drama film called IRL.

If his family history is anything to go by, it shouldn't take long for Valter to step out into the spotlight and begin picking up more recognisable roles, becoming another Skarsgård that earns his living in the world of acting.

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