Though most know Halle Berry from her big screen feature flicks, her lead role in forthcoming Steven Spielberg sci-fi series Extant doesn't signal a move into television as some may believe, but a new series to add to her TV credits which go all the way back to 1989.

Whether it's TV films or series, Berry's been popping up all over the place and winning herself awards for her efforts - her first in 2000 when she gained a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress - Miniseries or a Movie for her role as the title character in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.

Her first major role as an actress was actually in television, as Emily Franklin in Living Dolls - one she played for 13 episodes in the American situation comedy featured on ABC as a Who's the Boss? spin-off.

Though critics didn't enjoy the show and it received mostly negative reviews, it was responsible for catapulting Berry into the acting world she's now so prominent in, and though her television career didn't see such a big success as her movie career, she would grace shows from time to time for one-off appearances or in the case of Knots Landing, a 6-episode guest arc.

2005 saw her step into the shoes of Janie Crawford for the television movie Their Eyes Were Watching God, but since then there's been a dry patch, bar the appearance on Sesame Street in 2012.

Now though we're due to see her as Molly Woods in Extant, where she goes on a 13-month solo mission in space and comes back pregnant. It looks absolutely fascinating and is sure to be a success, picked up by CBS in America and airing through Amazon Instant Video in the UK.

Extant premieres in America on July 9 and in the UK a day later on July 10.

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