Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

We're going to get an exclusive look into the lives of one of reality television's most-loved - or most-loved to hate couples, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt through an E! special next month.

We got the chance to exclusively ask them some questions ahead of the show, and dig a little deeper into the personas and real-life personalities of the people behind Heidi and Spencer.

Spencer - You just finished college, what's next for you in the world of political science?

I’m waiting until a President or Congressman wants to hire me to do their behind the scenes secret PR campaigns!

and Heidi - what have you been up to in terms of personal projects recently?

The E! Special and taking care of my recovery.

Can we expect any more new music from you Heidi?

No definitely not any time soon.
If I did anymore music it would be a Christmas album but not anytime soon!

Do either of you watch any reality television shows nowadays?

We watch almost every reality television show you could imagine.

How different is the world of reality TV to the real world?

It’s the most competitive it has ever been – Reality TV is a whole other level now.
People have no low anymore.
The Hills is so tame and well-mannered compared to what is now on TV.
It is certainly not the real world and people are very cut throat and would do anything on TV now.

How is your relationship with your former 'The Hills' castmates now?

Heidi - I have a great relationship with Kristin Cavallari, she is a great friend of mine and also Audrina.
We see Stephanie every week and we love her.

Spencer – I talk to Brody.

When you're sitting on top of an empire, how does it feel to know you've made it and you can go out and live the lavish lifestyle?

There is nothing like being on top of the world and on top of an empire.
It is a double edge sword as you become de-sensitised to appreciating what you have and the small things in life.
I didn’t appreciate every detail as much - it’s really fun and feels like you have no limits.

The last time you appeared on a major British TV show you were on Celebrity Big Brother - how did you find that whole experience?

Heidi – For me it was really challenging. It was hard as we were trying to play a game and win.
People were taking it too seriously but then it seemed like people wanted it to be a game about friends and finding friends.
Living with strangers under 24 surveillance was challenging.
We weren’t really sure what we were in for!

Did you treat Celebrity Big Brother as you did with The Hills - playing up to a 'role' or 'character'?

Definitely playing to a character – I thought if we were awful people they would vote us off. But it back fired on us so hard. Then you are so miserable viewers can see that and people loved watching us to being miserable and kept us in there.

Was it more difficult to maintain those roles on Big Brother because you were being watched 24 hours a day?

Yes it was really draining being on BB and trying to survive.
It is a harder situation than a lot of people realise.
Being in that setting would be challenging for most people.

How did it feel to do so well in the show?

Actually in retrospective it is one of our greatest achievements in making it so far.
We are thankful for everyone who voted for us and kept us in the house.

Your E! special After Shock is coming to UK screens in January - what can fans expect from the show?

Spencer – a more humble Speidi, definitely more humility.
Heidi - A more genuine side of who we are. Every show we have been playing characters.
This is the first time to show our own lives and going behind the scenes and having our own voice.

If the opportunity of The Hills was never offered to either of you, where do you think you'd be right now?

Heidi - I would definitely be in the fashion industry – in PR or fashion designing somewhere.
Spencer - I definitely would be producing reality television as I love reality TV.
Heidi – Actually Spencer did that before The Hills. He was one of the youngest executive producers in history of Hollywood. He created The Princes of Malibu.

Aftershock: Heidi & Spencer, premieres Sunday 5th January at 8pm, on E!

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