Helen George

Helen George

Helen George has become a part of our Sunday evenings, with each week her delightful Trixie lighting up our screens on Call The Midwife.

The drama has been a massive success for the BBC, becoming the most popular drama to debut in the last decade and dominating the ratings tables.

With the show now heading over to America, we talked to Helen about the triumph of the show.


The call came that there’s going to be a third series of Call The Midwife. Excited about the prospect?

It's so exciting that the show has gone down so well, and very exciting to us all that there's going to be more!

Call The Midwife is currently the single most watched programme in the UK every week. How does that make you feel?

It's so weird! Is it really? Wow- I always had confidence in it because the scripts were so great. But I think it's taken us all a little by surprise!

Any chance of a High School Musical esque song and dance number?

I'm not sure you can Lindy Hop to 'we're all in this together'… But I'm sure the nuns would welcome Zac Efron round for tea!

The show’s over in the States now, what’s it been like promoting it over there?

It's been great, British drama is doing so well here at the moment. And the topics of the show are universal, which I think is why it is doing well internationally too.

Dropped in a CV or two around Hollywood at all?

I've been having a lovey holiday and working on my tan! I always try and get a naughty tan I between filming CTM- as Trixie has to be pale (not much sun in Poplar!)

So, what are the biggest perils of working with babies?

They never know when it's the right time to go to the loo! I'm always covered in baby poo on set - not that glam! But they are so cute that you forgive them!

We all love her, but what’s it like working with Miranda Hart and have you missed her not being in all of series 2?

We all have different filming schedules so when we do get to all come together it’s a lot of fun. We have a great chemistry as a cast.

The show has a great vintage look, but is there ever a time you get fed up with the uniforms?

In series 2 we were allowed to be in normal clothes a lot more, Trixie gets to wear some great original 50s frocks. And she couldn't very well attend a birth in one of her velvet numbers- think of the mess! So uniforms are essential…

Outside of Call The Midwife, is it true that you have a real soft spot for animals?

I have too dogs, Lottie and Charlie. They come on set with me and they get spoilt rotten! 

What’s next for you then?

I'm enjoying a bit of time off and having meetings, so I don't know yet is the honest answer!


Call The Midwife Is on BBC One at 8pm on Sundays

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