In episode two, we meet Jade and Sadie, auntie and niece who have both fought through cancer and are now dealing with the aftermath and the changes it makes to the body. 

How to Look Good Naked

How to Look Good Naked

Cue, a slight change to the usual Gokette line up, and rather than looking at different body shapes, the ladies find out that two of the Gokettes have gone through cancer treatment too and they share their words of wisdom with the women. These few precious moments of TV put everything into perspective as one woman repeats the words ‘you’re still here’. 

And she’s right, bodies may have scars, wobbly bits and cellulite, but they also have the ability to fight back- they are incredible. 

During the mirror scene, we also learn how toxic relationships and cruel words can have a lasting effect on someone’s confidence- all the more reason to be kind to others, especially our partners. 

This episode is quite unique because we see shifts in the relationship between Jade and Sadie throughout- when one is insecure or nervous the other is strong for her and there was a real sense of unity not only for family but for themselves and for women everywhere. 

I loved this episode because it was a fresh take on how women look at their bodies- not only are they beautiful but they can do amazing things too- like have babies, overcome injury and... kick cancer in the butt. 

Warning, this is another tear jerker of an episode, so make sure you have the tissues at the ready! 

How To Look Good Naked airs at 9pm on Wednesday exclusively on Really and dplay

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