E!'s breakout first original scripted drama series The Royals, co-produced by Lionsgate and Universal Cable Productions, is back for a fiery second season. Returning cast members include Elizabeth Hurley as the cunning Queen Helena, William Moseley as the rancorous Prince Liam, Alexandra Park as an uncontrollable Princess Eleanor, Tom Austen as the scorned bodyguard Jasper Frost, Oliver Milburn as the dutiful head of the Royal security, and Jake Maskall as the newly-crowned King Cyrus.

Jake Maskall as King Cyrus / Credit: E!

Jake Maskall as King Cyrus / Credit: E!

We got the opportunity to put some questions to Jake about the new episodes, playing a dastardly King and much more - find out what he had to say below...

You play King Cyrus in The Royals - what was it that initially drew you to this role and show?

It's a dream role as it's such a juicy part and so far removed from myself - I love the character! King Cyrus is a grown up version of my character from EastEnders, Danny Moon. The King is so complicated - hard as steel, but there's a heart and a pulse inside there.

How did you find the response from the public following the show's first season?

It was an amazing response, people really loved the show. I'm really proud to be part of the cast, it's pure entertainment!

It's E!'s first original scripted show, was there a pressure there because of that to really deliver?

The creator Mark Schwahn (One Tree Hill) has such a brilliant back catalogue and he is a real visionary. We all felt in safe hands.

Was it relaxed coming into the second season because the show had established itself?

It was way more relaxed, as we had already established our characters. It was made easier for the writers as they had voices of the cast to work with.

Were you at first a little bit nervous because of the show portraying a British Royal Family, despite them being fictional?

No, it is pure fiction - you could say it's 'Dallas with a Palace'. It just so happens to be that there's sex, drugs and rock and roll in a palace! At the beginning the show's creator, Mark, flagged up that we live in a world that is so politically correct, that it's nice to watch a show that is so un-PC. It's kind of therapeutic in a way.

Did the chemistries on set really flow for season two?

Yes, we are a big happy family, there are no airs and graces. We film for four months and love our jobs. We are a real team and have a blast together, so much fun. At times in season 2, Elizabeth and I are arch enemies on camera and have to apologise off air afterwards!

What else should viewers expect from the show's second season?

More sex, drugs and rock and roll in a chaotic fashion but with heart. In season 2, Elizabeth has a few lines where my jaw quite literally drops!

Credit: E!
Credit: E!

What was the experience like filming on location?

I love filming on location, it feels like you are getting a little holiday!

Where would you personally like to see your character go next?

I would love to remain King and also have a Royal wedding.

Finally what do you have coming up in the coming weeks and months?

More auditions and voiceover work and then, this summer, filming for season 3 begins!

The Royals Season 2 premieres tonight, Wednesday 10th February at 9pm on E!

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