In just 28 years, Jodie Comer has made history in front of the cameras
In just 28 years, Jodie Comer has made history in front of the cameras

Today (March 11, 2021), Jodie Comer is celebrating her 28th birthday! To join in with the festivities, we’re taking a look back at her most iconic television roles to-date. Let’s face it, despite just being 28 years of age, she’s had a storied career that many would be happy to retire with, so it’s super exciting to know that she’s just getting started…


Created and written by Marnie Dickens, Thirteen told the story of 26-year-old Ivy Moxam (Comer) who finally escapes from the cellar in which she had been imprisoned for 13 years. Having being abducted in the first year she could call herself a teenager, Ivy faces some tough challenges when it comes to integrating back into the real world, with her family also having to come to terms with her return and the impact the past decade has had on her.

Such is Comer’s talent, that she manages to stir up more questions than answers as the series progresses. Ivy is a complicated character that only the most masterful of actors would be able to portray with perfection; so seeing Comer do so with ease is nothing short of breathtaking.

If you haven’t watched Thirteen yet, it’s still available for free on BBC iPlayer. Check it out.

Doctor Foster

Though playing the character of Kate in Doctor Foster seemed to be a thankless task, Comer's incredible talent in front of the camera, combined with Mike Bartlett’s next-level writing, ensured that she wasn't just a one-dimensional, despised wallflower. Instead, she was a confident and manipulative young woman who could more than hold her own.

For many, Doctor Foster and, its second season in particular, was the first opportunity to see Comer command the screen. Though she wasn’t one of the leads - that honour was instead left for Suranne Jones and Bertie Carvel - she threatened to steal the spotlight thanks to her knowledge of how to present this nefarious home-wrecker as somebody who the audiences didn’t have to like, but who they were forced to try and understand.

The White Princess

Elizabeth of York is, due to the heavily-biased male-focused recollections of history, a figure that many would recognise without being able to tell you just a handful of facts about her. Despite being a Tudor queen, there is much you may not know about her steely ambition and quick wit.

So, hearing that Comer was going to take on the role in a Starz series focused completely on the monarch was exciting, to say the very least! Here, she had the opportunity to transform a name in the history books into a personality that, once seen in this series, you could never forget.

Killing Eve

We have given incredible props to Killing Eve in the past, thanks to the stunning performances given by Comer alongside her fellow lead, Sandra Oh. Here, she plays assassin Villanelle, who will stop at nothing to see her contract fulfilled and her bank balance boosted. With a love for fashion and materialistic things, an obsession with one of those investigating her and trying to bring her to justice puts everything into (a very strange yet fascinating) perspective.

This is the role of a lifetime for Comer. It has shot her to superstardom, winning her fans across the globe thanks to the production coming from BBC America. We can’t wait to see where the story goes next and just how Villanelle continues to weave her way into former MI5 agent Eve’s (Oh) life.

Remember Me

Michael Palin may have topped the bill in Remember Me - a ghost story unlike any other - but it is Comer's role as Palin's character Tom's teenage care assistant that kept us glued to the screen. The chemistry the two shared was undeniable; when engaged in conversation it was impossible to tear yourself away.

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