"I hate hunting. Really hate it. I don't think it's big, or fun, or clever, or entertaining in any way. I don't know why they do it. My assumption would be that they're just psychos."

Credit: TLC UK

Credit: TLC UK

Upon starting Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting, it's clear that Jodie Marsh is somebody against the act or 'sport' of hunting - and I imagine that most people who tune into this latest TLC documentary will be on her side.

Hoping to learn about domestic hunting in the UK, Marsh is quick to judge the hunter she meets - Rachel Carrie - but also willing to hear her out and her reasons for getting outside and hunting.

As a lifelong vegetarian and animal lover, Marsh is hoping to uncover the realities behind the motivations for hunters and seems convinced that those she meets don't just hunt to put food on their table.

One of the main topics she confronts is why hunters decide to pose with the animals they've killed for pictures that then go online and 'trophy hunting' - when hunters kill big game simply for 'sport' and 'pleasure'.

Marsh is fantastic when she's challenging the views of those she disagrees with, willing to argue with them but also really listen. Hunter Rachel even admits that she's very happy whilst shocked with how Jodie has reacted to their views, and the two even seem to get close and form a bond.

Concluding with a hunt for a deer, as a viewer you truly go through the motions with Jodie. Your views on hunting and the hunters involved may have changed, but that doesn't stop the sick feeling in your stomach when a gun is set up and a deer is spotted.

When the deer is killed and then prepared for sale and consumption, the viewer and Jodie are both challenged by the graphic visuals. It's a tough watch but one certainly worth it.

"It's been massively emotional and very educational for me. I'm glad I did it," Jodie says at the end of the journey, and the viewer will be saying the same.

Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting airs on Tuesday 13th September, 10pm on TLC .

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