'Jodie Marsh On... The Game'

'Jodie Marsh On... The Game'

Jodie Marsh will return to TLC on October 29 with 'Jodie Marsh On... The Game'.

In this documentary special, Jodie looks at the undercover world of prostitution and escort services throughout Britain and the rest of Europe.

After starting out her career as a dancer and moving on to glamour modelling and bodybuilding, Jodie already has an idea of what it's like to sell your body.

Often being offered "cash for extras" - which she always declined - Jodie sets out to see what her life may have become if she had ever said 'yes'.

Travelling around the UK, to Germany and to Amsterdam, she puts herself in the shoes of a Red Light District working girl and talks to those involved in the vice industry - from escorts to prostitutes, madams to customers.

The documentary is truly an eye-opener, showing that not everybody in the business is there out of choice.

'Jodie Marsh On... The Game' airs Tuesday October 29.

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