Photographer: Evan Duning, Hair: Ashley Lynn Hall, Make Up: Gia Harris
Photographer: Evan Duning, Hair: Ashley Lynn Hall, Make Up: Gia Harris

Known to DC fans across the globe as Nyssa al Ghul for her role in The CW's hit series Arrow, Katrina Law is becoming one of television's most recognisable faces.

We got the opportunity to chat to the fan favourite star all about what's coming up for her in the Arrowverse, as well as her life away from the series and other projects she's currently involved with.

Katrina as Nyssa in Arrow / Credit: The CW
Katrina as Nyssa in Arrow / Credit: The CW

Arrow season 4 kicks off this week in the UK - what should fans expect from the new episodes?

This season is going to shock the fans. The twists and turns the writers have planned are going to leave the audience on the edge of their seats by the end of each episode. The stunts will be bigger and more dynamic while the challenges that the characters face throughout the season will be about life and death at just about every turn.

You play Nyssa al Ghul in the show, what was it that initially drew you to this role?

I think it's safe to say that most actors would jump at the chance to play any character related to the DC world. To be a superhero or villain is pure fun. And I personally love any woman who happens to be a badass.

It's great to see such dominant, progressive female characters on-screen in shows such as this, how important do you think roles such as Nyssa are for the development of women on the small screen in the future?

I think Nyssa is extremely important not only to women but also the LGBT community. To have a strong woman with an independent storyline outside of pining after a man is refreshing. I also commend the way the writers have approached Nyssa in making her a gay character without having it be a big deal or need some kind of an explanation.

In general, I think Arrow is a wonderful platform for strong women. Between The White Canary, The Black Canary, Speedy, China White and The Huntress, there is an entire assortment of motivated women kicking ass and taking names.

How long did it take to perfect your British accent for the role in Arrow?

Fortunately for me, I already had a bit of practise with it from my role as Mira on Spartacus. For Nyssa, I just tweaked a few things here and there and that was about it.

Katrina as Mira in Spartacus / Credit: Starz
Katrina as Mira in Spartacus / Credit: Starz

At the end of the show's third season we saw Malcolm Merlyn become the new Ra's, how will Nyssa respond to this?

I think Nyssa has spent the past few months staring at the ceiling stones, plotting all the different ways she can destroy Malcolm Merlyn. I think in the new season you will see her put some of those thoughts into action.

How would you personally like to see Nyssa's story develop going forward?

I would love to see her take down Malcolm Merlyn and take her rightful place as Ra's al Ghul. I would also love for her to finally overcome the loss of her beloved, Sara, and find love again.

Nyssa fights Malcolm in season 4 / Credit: The CW
Nyssa fights Malcolm in season 4 / Credit: The CW

Do you think Nyssa could ever become a fully-fledged member of Team Arrow?

I think Nyssa will always function better as her own entity. She is, in her heart and soul, a faithful member of the League of Assassins and she will always have the League's best interest as her top priority.

That being said, I think Nyssa has developed a soft spot for Team Arrow in large part due to the Lance sisters. So if ever there is a time she lends a helping arrow, she will do so. As long as it doesn't interfere with what is best for the League.

We saw Nyssa and Oliver forced to marry in season 3, will that be a story thread developed going forward?

I guess we will just have to watch and see. But I am hoping that the writers have some fun with that storyline before they make it disappear.

Nyssa and Oliver's marriage in season 3 / Credit: The CW
Nyssa and Oliver's marriage in season 3 / Credit: The CW

Recently you've also joined the cast of ABC Family's Guilt, what can you tell us about that show and your character Natalie?

I play Natalie, a lawyer from Boston, who learns that her younger sister, Grace, has gotten herself into some trouble while at college in London. Natalie immediately flies over to bring her sister home but soon finds out that Grace, now a suspect in the brutal murder of her roommate, is in a lot more trouble than she originally thought. Determined to see her sister returned home safely, Natalie decides to stay in London to ensure that Grace is proven innocent.

What tips do you have for young actresses such as yourself who want to make it in the world of acting?

As far as practical advice goes, if you are in a small town, get as much experience and work as you can before you move out to LA.

Make sure there is no other career that could make you happy because this industry is hard with no guarantee of success. 

And then don't try to be someone else. Figure out who you are and what you have to offer and bring that to the table.

Do you have any big definitive aims or goals for your career going forward?

I think to keep expanding my range of work and keep working is the general goal. You never know what is going to land on your lap so it's fun and less stressful to keep an open mind and just keep striving to be better.

Finally, what's next for you?

Death Valley, an indie film directed by TJ Scott with co-stars Victoria Pratt, Lochlyn Monroe and Nick Tarabay, which will be released on October 20. It was an intimate 'friends and family' shoot and one of the most rewarding projects I've worked on.

I also have a Hallmark Christmas movie coming out some time around Thanksgiving called The 12 Gifts of Christmas. Directed by Peter Sullivan and co-starring Aaron O'Connell, it's a sweet movie and a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.

Nyssa al Ghul / Credit: The CW
Nyssa al Ghul / Credit: The CW

Arrow continues at 8/7c Wednesdays in the US on The CW. Arrow's fourth season premieres today (October 14) at 8pm on Sky1 in the UK.

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