NXT brand ambassador Kevin Owens answered the call of the United States Champion last night on WWE Raw, making his way to the ring to introduce himself to the wrestler and the universe.

"Now, I would introduce myself, but you know exactly who I am, don't you? And if anybody out there doesn't know who I am. Well, quite frankly those people are simply not worth my time in the first place." he told the crowd and Cena.

Cena attempted to be the good guy, giving Owens a proper introduction: "Hold on one second. Ladies and gentlemen, we've gotta do this right - NXT Champion, Kevin Owens," he said to the audience.

He continued: "Some of these people don't know you. But regardless of how anyone in this building tonight or any night feels, not a single person here is ever to be called a waste of time.

"You hear that? Do you hear that? Take a good look. Because without all of them there is no you. Without all of them there is no Raw, without all of them there is no WWE.

"This is why we are here. So young man, from one champion to another, allow me to bestow on you some veteran advice."

Not taking kindly to this, Owens replied: "Wait wait wait. Veteran advice? Are you kidding me? Let me make something clear here. I've been doing this for 15 years.

"In fact, I've been doing this longer than you. The only difference between you and I is that I didn't get a break until now. So you don't get to give me advice ever, you understand me?"

Attempting to remind Owens that the United States Championship Open Challenge was still open, Owens said he already had his prize, the NXT Championship.

"So, when it comes to your little US Open Challenge, my answer is no. But trust me, you and I, we are going to fight, someday, but it's going to be on my terms, not yours.

"And if you think you have me all figured out, you're going to realise..."

With that, Owens kicked Cena, lifted him into the air and powerbombed the champ onto the mat. He then lifted the US Title before dropping it at Cena's head, stomping on it and raising the NXT belt.

Later in the evening it was confirmed that Owens would go up against Cena at WWE Network pay-per-view Elimination Chamber, taking place on May 31.

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