Legion is just two episodes into its debut season, but continues to impress viewers and comic book fans alike who have been waiting to see the character of David Haller brought to the small screen for some time. Here played by Dan Stevens – who we must say is doing a terrific job – Haller is already showing signs of dipping into his various personalities brought on by his mutant genes. Exactly where the show is headed however is anybody’s guess. Part of its appeal is that there are so many different avenues that it could go down; all of which would likely bring an incredible compelling storyline to TV. With all that in mind, here are five personalities from the pages of the X-Men comic books Legion has had which we hope to see incorporated for this live action adaptation…



5. Jack Wayne

Jack Wayne is the first personality David had created for himself and has been one of the most recurring personalities we’ve seen the character deal with in the comic books. Because of this it would be a shame not to see him brought to the small screen, with Jack granting his host Haller the ability of telekinesis.

4. Sally

Though she’s a large woman, Sally is a shy and sensitive soul; that is of course until she’s pushed to the edge. Encouraged by Jack Wayne to embrace her more chaotic side, Sally allowed herself to finally get angry, which then in turn saw her grow both in size and personality. Given super-human strength and power, she’s proved to be incredibly useful in some of Legion’s most important battles. With Haller already facing some big dangers in the TV show, we’d love to see Sally help out in taking down those antagonists.

3. Susan in Sunshine

Let’s face it, kids in shows of this type are downright creepy. Susan won’t be changing that at all, but her powers are so incredible that we’d love to see her utilising them on the Legion series. Able to feed off of emotions that she herself can manipulate and amplify, before turning it into a blast of energy, she’s not a tyke you’d want to mess with.

2. The Origamist

As one of Legion’s most powerful personalities, this huge sumo wrestler can bend both space and reality at will as if it were origami paper, giving him the rather odd name. Changing reality of course has a heck of a lot of baggage with it, so The Origamist has been involved with some of the most addictive storylines we’ve seen so far. Bringing that to TV would only be a good thing.

1. Gestalt

Getting his mind together for a short period of time, Haller decided that merging all of his multiple personalities together into one being would be best for business. Changing his name from Legion to Gestalt, unifying most of his mental parts and abilities and becoming one of the most powerful beings the planet has ever seen. We sniff a season finale in Gestalt’s future.

Legion continues Thursday nights on FOX UK at 9pm.

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