Last night we saw Dani and Jack take home £50,000 after two months spent in the Love Island villa. It came as no surprise, since most of us have had our money on them winning for weeks.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Everyone was really excited about the winning couple starting their life together on the outside, from Love Island super fan Paris Hilton to baby Kiki.

Some people have even called for a Jani spin-off series because we are all so desperate to see Jack meet Danny Dyer in the flesh after THAT hilarious video call home.

But there were some surprises in the final episode… Like Kaz and Josh missing out on second place to Laura and Paul.

Some people thought it was justified because Laura managed to hold her own throughout the series. She did have a tough ride in the villa, but eventually got a happy ending with the man she has called her "Prince Charming".

But some people just don’t think he is that into her...

Megan and Wes finished off in fourth place and after their declaration of love speeches, someone pointed out Meg resembled something not so loving…

But joking aside, the public have warmed to Megan since her and Wes got together.

Of course, there are people who didn’t convert to the frenzy this year....

And some people just don’t know what to do with themselves now that the series has ended…

But overall, we’ve learnt a lot this series…

Bring on Love Island 2019!

by Katie Haseldine




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