Photo Credit: ITV
Photo Credit: ITV

Can you believe it's been eight weeks already? It feels like just yesterday when we were looking at all of the new Islanders set to change their lives forever by entering the Love Island villa. Now we've crowned our champions, after hours of romance, drama, and plenty of surprises. Here, we take a look back at some of the most memorable moments this year's series has given us, before we do it all over again in the winter with the first ever British season all the way from South Africa!

7. Tommy asks Molly-Mae to be his girlfriend

It was one of the sweetest moments in Love Island history, and whilst Molly-Mae's screwing up of the love letter Tommy wrote for her, on behalf of their cuddly elephant Ellie-Belly, raised a few eyebrows, it's undeniable the chemistry the two have. Many think they've been acting their way to the final, but if that is truly the case, the pair of them deserve Academy Awards. Let's hope they have a beautiful future of love to look forward to!

6. Maura catches Tom being toxic

Lad banter and the like is usually left for private WhatsApp groups, and chats that would remain secret, rather than being broadcast to millions on primetime television. Tom was clearly missing his toxic chats with the boys when he told the group of men in the villa that he was excited to see if Maura was "all mouth", when the two got some alone time in the Hideaway. Unfortunately for him, Maura was within earshot, and immediately cancelled the potential night of passion after hearing how she had been disrespected.

5. Michael ditches Amber for Joanna

Michael was a fan-favourite for some time in the villa, given the title of 'Mr. Nice Guy' and working his way to the top of the betting odds alongside his coupling partner, Amber. That all changed when six new women entered the original villa, whilst the other females went off to Casa Amor. Amber came back single, hoping Michael had been as loyal as she, but was disappointed to find he had recoupled with Joanna. It was hard not to feel sorry for her, no matter how she had acted in the past.

4. Curtis' head turns

They looked like the most stable couple the show had ever seen, but when Casa Amor reared its ugly head, Curtis' own began to turn. He felt himself attracted to Jourdan, but was quickly rebuffed by the new addition to the villa, who instead had eyes for Danny...

3. Amy leaves the villa

After admitting to Amy that he was starting to doubt their romantic connection, Amy had a breakdown, telling him about her initial intentions to come back into the villa, and tell him she was in love with him. Curtis said he had to break things off as they stood, or he would risk hurting Amy again in the future. This pushed Amy to call time on her Love Island experience, but she handled herself very well in her exit, telling Curtis she hoped they could be great friends on the outside in a teary goodbye.

2. Jordan's head turns

Just two days after asking Anna to be his girlfriend and making things official, Jordan decided he would put in the work to see if there was any potential for romance with new Islander, India. All this despite spending weeks with Anna, and even winning her back when her head was turned by Ovie. Flushing all of what they had down the toilet, Anna had some choice words for her ex, in what has to be the shortest-lived romance in Love Island history.

1. Amber and Greg win

The £50,000 prize looked like a sure thing for Tommy and Molly-Mae, so when host Caroline Flack announced it was instead Amber and Greg who would be taking the prize home, we were left absolutely stunned. Worthy winners from the moment they met, their quick coupling and romantic connection pulled at the heartstrings of viewers, who would make them their Love Island 2019 champions.

Love Island will return for its first winter series in January, for a four-week series.

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