Last night was the Love Island reunion, and if you missed it - don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered here.

From interviews with the finalists to the award for muggiest moments, here are the things we learned from last night’s reunion episode…

Paul looks great in a kilt

Laura and Paul have been spending time in Scotland, where they met her best friends and chatted about her highs and lows in the villa. But seeing Paul getting into the Scottish spirit trying on kilts was definitely a highlight.

Jack still hasn’t met Danny Dyer

...but it turns out he’s actually more nervous to meet Dani’s mum! Jack and Danny have been texting and are getting on fine - so if they haven’t met yet does this mean a Life After Love Island spin off is on the cards?

Kaz and Josh are still in paradise

They were branded smug for being so happy together in the villa and Kaz expressed her angst about their relationship outside the villa in case anything goes wrong. But it seems they’re still doing just fine - they only came close to fall out over Prince but now he’s out the picture it’s all good.

Wes loves Southend

Megan and Wes have spent their time outside the villa so far visiting their hometowns and seeing family and friends. Speaking to Caroline on the show, Wes said he can’t understand why everyone was slating Megan’s hometown, Southend. And we can understand his confusion - it looked lovely on the VTs.

So, what are Jack and Dani spending their winnings on?

So far they’ve just been buying loads of food - which we totally get. But the winning couple say they’re probably going to use the money to buy things for their first home together which they’re going to be browsing the market for over the next couple of weeks. Oh, and an ‘L-shaped sofa’ - sounds good.

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Who won which awards?

What we all want to know is who won the award for muggiest moment?

Well, there were four up for nomination, and it was down to the public to vote the muggiest.

Was it Eyal’s snog with Megan, Adam’s smirk at Rosie, Wes and Megan jumping ship, or Georgia’s kiss with Jack?

Of course, it was Georgia’s kiss with Jack, and she also bagged an honorary award for most loyal islander… but it’s probably time we all moved on from that as everybody got their happy ending.

There were other awards too. The funniest moment of the series went to Jack for walking in on Wes and Megan doing bits… twice.

The biggest pieing off award was given to Laura for being pied off by both Wes and Jack. But that’s all history now she has her man.

All in all it’s been a blast, and we can’t wait for next year already!

by Katie Haseldine




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