Despite a strong finish, Doctor Who was this year perhaps the most disappointing television series released.

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who / Credit: BBC

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who / Credit: BBC

Before getting into the nitty gritty of it, this is in no way down to 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi, who plays the role with excellence and as if he's been at it for quite some time. And of course Jenna Coleman is brilliant in her role of companion Clara. It's the writing that now needs some polishing.

Suffering from old continuity that was set out, Steven Moffat doesn't seem to follow it and does as he pleases, which at times is for the better I have to admit, but goes against everything and the fundamental rules of the show.

I've heard the Sonic Screwdriver now being referred to as a "basic magic wand", but that's not where the biggest problem for me lies. It lies with the show all being about Clara and her normal life, how she hopes to develop a relationship and her journey through the process of falling in love.

Doctor Who isn't the family show that tied together a genre both adults and children can enjoy anymore. It's an awkward teenage show that draws on scenes from Hollyoaks. It's no longer a drama in my eyes - it's a soap opera.

Kids will no longer care for the show if it's going to be all about love and relationships with very little aliens to back it up. Halfway through the eighth series there had been nothing to threaten Earth's existance and no evil monsters. We had Robin Hood, which was fun, but was it necessary?

Many are losing interest, and hopefully Moffat's going to take note for series nine. We're constantly told what's going to happen in the episodes, but then it never actually takes place. It's going to be a shame if things continue to decline, as Doctor Who was once perhaps the greatest television series of all time.

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