Erika Jayne, Jen Shah and Jackie Goldschneider have had tough seasons... / Picture Credits: Bravo
Erika Jayne, Jen Shah and Jackie Goldschneider have had tough seasons... / Picture Credits: Bravo

Some may think that after 15 years, the mega-franchise that is The Real Housewives could be running out of steam. Over the past 12 months however, producers on the show chose chaos above all else, as we watched tough legal struggles play out amongst the usual in-fighting.

Here, we take a look back at some of the most shocking moments from various series in 2021; if you haven’t yet seen these monumental scenes, get your binge on!

Erika Jayne slowly dissects her divorce and legal troubles

Whether you’re part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fandom who supports Erika or, one of the many who think she isn’t doing enough to make up for the alleged actions of her former spouse Tom Girardi, watching her carefully-crafted life and personal barriers come slowly tumbling down has been a fascinating study in human behaviour. Along with Kathy Hilton’s hilarious quips, it’s also fair to say that Erika carried the season.

We saw as her friends rallied around her but, that support began to wane when the reality of the accusations against Tom surfaced and questions were raised about Erika’s potential involvement. For one other Beverly Hills housewife, Sutton Stracke, the coincidences proved to be too much and she stepped into the lion’s den, asking questions of Erika that resulted in one of the most vicious showdowns and awkward reunions in Housewives history.

Heather Dubrow delivers a sinister warning to Shannon Beador

As if the big Real Housewives of Orange County reveal that Heather Dubrow’s friend of many years, Nicole James had previously filed a lawsuit against Heather’s husband Terry Dubrow when she was young and impressionable wasn’t enough, it was Heather’s reaction to the news and subsequent threats - no, promise - to Shannon Beador that really left us dazed and confused.

Apologising for her role in the reveal, Shannon was left shaken and emotional when Heather sat her down to give her a telling off. “If you ever come after me or my family again,” Heather started, “you are going to lose a lot more than my friendship; it is going to cost a lot.” We imagine Heather is talking about legal action but that delivery! Very OTT, but extremely watchable.

Ramona Singer investigated for racism

A moment that wasn’t caught on camera but was alleged to have happened behind-the-scenes on The Real Housewives of New York City led to the Season 13 reunion being cancelled, as an investigation took place.

Production sources claimed that Ramona had said of the show's first Black housewife, Eboni K. Williams, "This is why we shouldn't have black people on the show". Former cast member Heather Thomson then said that she had personally heard the comment being made. If true, we can’t imagine Ramona will be invited back for future seasons.

With a history of racially-insensitive comments, perhaps it’s time for a shake-up with the New York cast…

Teresa Giudice meddles in Jackie Goldschneider’s marriage

Seeing Teresa Giudice on The Real Housewives of New Jersey when compared to Teresa Giudice in the much-loved spinoff Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip is like watching two completely different people. On Ultimate Girls Trip, Teresa was a fun-loving and likeable member of the cast. In the recent season of New Jersey, Teresa once again played the role of pot-stirrer, immediately bringing up alleged rumours she had heard of Jackie Goldschneider’s husband Evan being unfaithful.

She did eventually admit to having zero evidence for those claims and instead said she had heard them from an unnamed source, but the fact it was a talking point for a good half of the entire season really messed with Jackie, to the point where it looked as though she might leave the show entirely. Not cool, Teresa. At least she eventually apologised…

The police arrive at Beauty Lab hoping to arrest Jen Shah

When Jen Shah was about to head off from Salt Lake City with the rest of the cast from the show on a vacation, she got a phone call which she quickly told the others was news of her husband having had to go to the hospital with internal bleeding. When the cops arrived shortly after looking for Jen, it appeared as though she had been given a tip-off and gone on the run.

The authorities did quickly catch up with Jen, arresting her and ultimately charged with a country-wide fraud scheme, involving hundreds of victims, many of which had been vulnerable and elderly. The wire fraud and money laundering accusations were immediately denied by Jen, who continues to go through the shocking legal battles in front of the camera. Her court date is coming up in March 2022. We’ve got the popcorn waiting.

The various branches of the Real Housewives franchise is available to watch on reality TV streaming service hayu.

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