Kate Kendall

FemaleFirst puts some questions to Kate Kendall about her Neighbours experience playing Lauren Turner, the bombshell that was just dropped surrounding her long lost daughter and much more.

What initially drew you to taking on the role of Lauren Turner?

I was very lucky to be asked to audition for a regular role on Neighbours as the previous experience on the show, I was a patient at the hospital and had one line which I said to Dr Karl so this was a huge step up.

How does it feel to play a character so loved by the Neighbours fans?

Look, it was exciting and also a little nerve wracking because I know fans have preconceived ideas about Lauren. However, I didn’t get too caught up in worrying about that because I can only play her my way.

Did you feel pressure taking over the role of Lauren back in 2013?

A little but I knew trying to ‘copy’ the previous actress who played Lauren wouldn’t work, I had to give her my own spin.

Soon viewers are to see you discover who your long lost daughter is - what kind of dynamic will this bring to the show?

Kip and I both love this story because it’s added another layer to our characters and I think it’s shown up quite a few of Lauren’s faults – she can be a bit of a hypocrite. She is all for everyone else being honest but then she goes off and kisses her old boyfriend and lies about it. It’s great that we’ve shown these cracks in her personality.

What should we expect from Lauren following the reveal?

Look, she has been through a hell of lot to get to this stage and at one point she doesn’t want to pursue the search. However, when she does find out that Paige (Olympia Valance) is her daughter, it’s a huge shock but she is thrilled, although not everyone around her is.

Kate Kendall

What hopes do you have for your character going forward?

One part of me wants her to be happily ever after now she has found her daughter, however that would be boring. I would like to see her make more mistakes, much more fun to play and makes her human.

If you had control over Lauren's next big storyline, what would you create for her?

Recently Sheila (Colette Mann) and Naomi (Morgana O’Reilly) got into a street fight, it would be fun see Terese and Lauren go for it on Ramsay Street.

You're also a singer, how did you find yourself going down that career path?

I’ve always been interested in singing and I’ve sung in theatre productions and in bands so it’s opened up a lot of opportunities.

Finally, are there any other projects in the pipeline you could share some details about?

It’s not easy doing other things as Neighbours is it is all consuming and it has to be my main focus but it’s fun to mix it with smaller project like plays and singing.


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