Netflix will begin exploring the high-stakes criminal case of Steven Avery next week, in a brand new docu-series that takes a look at the man accused of murder.

Filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos come together to take viewers on a shocking ride, as they delve into each angle of the case, gathering archival materials and interviewing those close to Avery, uncovering unanswered questions including the eventual fate of the man himself.

10 episodes long, the series will examine allegations of police and prosecutorial misconduct, including witness coercion and evidence tampering.

Looking at what went wrong in the first case, questions will be asked about whether scientific advances and legislative reforms over the past 30 years have gotten us any closer to delivering real truth and justice through the system.

Making A Murderer debuts exclusively on Netflix on Friday, December 18 in all territories where the streaming service is available.

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