Wrestlers The Blossom Twins

Wrestlers The Blossom Twins

Rupert Grint has been offered a wrestling lesson by British tag team The Blossom Twins.

The sexy sisters - who are the stars of new reality TV show 'TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp' - are big fans of the 'Harry Potter' actor and Hannah wants to show Rupert a "few moves" in the ring.

When asked which star she'd like to grapple with, Hannah exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We'd love to show our favourite celebrities something that we do in the ring.

"I'm a big fan of Rupert Grint, I absolutely love him! If he'd be up for wrestling I'd show him a few moves in a nice way."

Hannah's twin sister Holly is more keen to get her hands on Tom Hardy.

The gorgeous grappler has been a fan of Tom since he starred in MMA drama 'Warrior' and she'd like to swap fighting tips with the hunky Hollywood actor.

Holly said: "If I could get my hands on Tom Hardy that would be great. He could teach me moves from 'Warrior' and I could teach him moves from wrestling. If we can make that happen then I'd be up for it!"

Hannah and Holly will soon be seen on screens in 'TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp' competing for a contract with 'TNA IMPACT Wrestling'.

The six-part series will follow the company's search for a British breakout star who can make it in the US and the tag team are fighting for the deal against Marty Scurll and Rockstar Spud.

The programme is judged by wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, British World of Sport legend Rollerball Rocco and TNA President Dixie Carter.

Holly admits it took a while to get used to being filmed 24/7 but promises viewers are in for an exciting show as everything that happens in the wrestling world is captured on tape.

She said: "It's TNA's first reality TV show and the cameras follow us everywhere. You get to see us train, nights on the road, everything that comes with being a wrestler.

"The cameras literally followed us anywhere we went so we had to be on our best behaviour and be aware of that as professionals. It was such an exciting concept for us to be part of."

The winner will earn a place on the company's roster, joining the likes of Sting and former Olympic Gold medallist Kurt Angle on the UK's most-watched wrestling programme.

They will also compete on TNA's 'Road To Lockdown Tour' of the UK and Ireland in 2013, which culminates with a TV taping at Wembley Arena in London.

'TNA Wrestling British Boot Camp' starts on Challenge TV on Tuesday January 1, 2013.