Jessie J

Jessie J

Jessie J likes making contestants cry on 'The Voice' because she wants them to realise the music industry is no "walk in the park".

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker - who is a coach on the upcoming BBC One talent competition alongside Sir Tom Jones, Danny O'Donoghue and - admitted she puts the hopefuls through a tough "boot camp" process so they can raise their game for the live shows.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I have been told I'm the one literally putting people through boot camp. I have made people cry but that's good. You should embrace crying. It's more about making them realise this isn't a walk in the park.

"25,000 people auditioned for this show and you're in the final 40 so you have to raise your game. That's what is amazing about this show."

Jessie admitted she is a fan of the "tough love" coaching process, as many of the hopefuls were initially "overwhelmed" by the amount of direction she gave them.

She added: "So many people came from small towns where their parents and friends were always telling them how great they were and they stand in front of someone like me who is all about technique and vocals and breathing and they're a bit overwhelmed.

"But a lot of them came back they next day and said thanks for the tough love. I'm a very intense person, I've been so tough on my artists. Tough love is the best thing.

"I feel like if I'd have auditioned for a talent show I wouldn't be the artist I am now and I wouldn't be able to do things like this. That's something that I'm definitely going to be drilling into my artists that it's not a walk in the park any more."

'The Voice' will begin on March 24 on BBC One.