Kelly Shirley

Kelly Shirley

Kellie Shirley almost blew up the 'EastEnders' set during her first scene back.

The actress makes a shock return to the BBC One soap as her Albert Square alter-ego Carly Wicks and admits shooting the scenes were quite scary.

She said: "I was so excited to make my big entrance back in Walford. But when I read the script and it said Carly would drive around Albert Square in a big truck I thought, 'How am I going to do that?'

"The square is tiny so it's not easy to manoeuvre a great big truck around it, especially when you are as small as I am. I put on Carly's 5in heels and got in the truck but as I started the engine and tried to drive in the heels I couldn't control it and ran over a load of electrical wires and almost blew the square up.

"Everyone was waving at me like crazy to stop the truck because I'd cut off all the cameras and lighting equipment.

"It's just a good job I didn't crash into the Queen Vic."

Kellie admits they had to use a stunt double as they re-shot the scene as they couldn't risk having her do it again.

She told The Sun newspaper: "We had to shoot the scene again but they were so nervous about letting me back in the driving seat, they had to get a double to do it instead.

"Nobody is supposed to know - but when you see the high heels first step out of the truck on to Albert Square, it isn't actually me. I think everyone on set was quite relieved for their own safety after I got out."

Carly returns on Thursday (06.0912) as she is reunited with her alcoholic mother Shirley Carter, played by Linda Henry.

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