Ashleigh Hughes

Ashleigh Hughes

'Big Brother' has been blasted for showing raunchy footage of Ashleigh Hughes pleasuring Luke Scrase.

A clip of the 21-year-old housemate putting her hand up the 24 year old's shorts in front of the rest of the group aired on Tuesday's (10.07.12) spin-off show 'Big Brother's Bit On The Side', much to the anger of family values campaigners Mediawatch.

In the footage, Ashleigh giggled and said: "tickle, tickle, tickle", while Luke writhed on the bed, telling his housemates he was "aroused".

Host Emma Willis quipped: "Ashleigh clearly can't get enough of the big one he's got."

The show was slammed by Mediawatch for using "titillation" to attract viewers.

Director Vivienne Pattison said: "This is just TV titillation. How low does the show need to get to get ratings? It's a sorry state of affairs if this is entertainment."

Meanwhile, show bosses called in a psychiatrist after Shievonne Robinson - who faces eviction tomorrow (13.07.12) - said she was on "suicide watch" and felt "very depressed" during another row with Deana Uppal.

She sobbed: " I was already depressed. When I go low, I go low. I was crying hysterically. I've had the worst three days of my life. I've been on suicide watch."

However, Shievonne admitted her remark was "flippant" and she had no intention of hurting herself.

A show spokesperson said: "Channel 5 takes its duty of care towards all housemates very seriously.

"We are satisfied that Shievonne can continue to participate in the show."

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