Sue Johnston

Sue Johnston

Sue Johnston can't go anywhere now without being stopped by 'Coronation Street' fans.

The veteran actress has portrayed much-loved TV characters throughout her career - including Barbara Royle in 'The Royle Family' and Sheila Grant in soap 'Brookside' - but since she first walked the cobbled steps of Weatherfield as Gloria Price she has never been recognised so much.

She revealed: "It is a high-profile soap but I have been quite shocked really by the reaction. Even when I was in 'Brookside' and 'The Royle Family' I didn't really get recognised. But the other day I was in Manchester and, even without Gloria's wig on, I only had to speak and someone said, 'Oh, it's Gloria!'

"The 'Street' is far bigger than anything I have ever experienced. When I go to Liverpool to watch the football I have always been Sheila Grant but now it's Gloria!"

Sue returns to 'Corrie' next week after a short break and Gloria walks back into her daughter Stella Price's life with a new fiancé Eric Babbage - played by Timothy West.

The star loves playing the straight-talking character who has caused a stir in her short time in the Rovers Return with Stella because she has so many great lines.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper, she said: "Gloria is very straight-talking. She is the sort of woman that I wish I had the courage to be sometimes. She really doesn't care what people think. I don't think I could be as insensitive as her but it's great to play someone like that because they get the best lines .. I have people saying to me, ' I'm seriously going off you now. You are a nasty piece of work.' It's very funny."

Viewers will see Gloria left stunned when her wealthy new man Eric dies and his secret wife appears to claim her inheritance in an upcoming storyline.