Tim Vine

Tim Vine

Tim Vine has "never got over" being booted off 'Comic Relief Does Fame Academy'.

The 45-year-old comedian insists it was a "travesty" when he was voted off the charity version of the singing talent show - a spin off of the BBC's 'Fame Academy' - in 2007, but he isn't worried about making any mistakes when he stars in 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief' next month.

He said: "As a comedian, you have the great get-out clause of 'I'm an idiot,' so if I look like an idiot, it doesn't matter. I'm sure I won't be fantastic. I did 'Comic Relief Does Fame Academy' and I was fourth out, which was a travesty I've never got over."

The 'Not Going Out' star has already put in some practice, of sorts, for the show when he starred in Christmas pantomime 'Aladdin'.

He added to Nuts magazine: "Dancing is harder than it looks, you think, 'My right leg goes there, my left leg goes here,' and while you're concentrating on that, the next five moves have happened. I did panto this year. I thought I was dancing on that. Turns out I wasn't."

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