Adam Thomas has branded Jeremy Vine's interview with Roxanne Pallett "pathetic".

Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas

The 'Emmerdale' actor hit out at the Channel 5 presenter and accused him of being "scared" of asking the actress any tough questions when she appeared on his self-titled show on Monday (02.09.18) and admitted she had "overreacted" and "made a mistake" when she accused Adam's brother Ryan Thomas of punching her during a playful exchange in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

Adam tweeted: "Jeremy vine to scared to speak up too pc pathetic interview !! ... to everyone that knows her and knows the real her and the lies and the stories she has spun for several years it is so frustrating to watch ... good scene tho Rox annnddd cut!! (sic)"

And Adam wasn't the only person annoyed by the interview.

Roxanne's former 'Emmerdale' co-stars Charley Webb and Sammy Winward were both unimpressed by her apology.

Charley tweeted: "What about all the other accusations you've made along the years? Backtracking because no ones on your side. If those cameras hadn't have been there, he would be finished. End of. #Roxanne

"Play fighting with Ben=fine, play fighting with Ryan=not fine. Bore off (sic)"

And Sammy posted: "Lies lies lies.

"Unfortunately the million other incidents will never be apologised for(sic)"

Former 'X Factor' contestant Rhydian Roberts, who is scheduled to appear in panto with Roxanne later this year, also seemed to take a swipe at his upcoming co-star.

He tweeted: "Down and to the left.. #lies #jeremyvineon5 (sic)"

Former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant James Jordan branded the 35-year-old actress a "compulsive liar".

He tweeted: "Just caught up with the Roxanne interview on the Jeremy Vine show

"She said 'I got it wrong' Basically that means... she didn't get away with it

"She's a compulsive liar and done this SEVERAL times before. Makes a mockery of #METOO and all those people affected.(sic)"

And 'The Only Way Is Essex's Mario Falcone blasted her for talking "rubbish" on the show and described her as a "horrible human".

He tweeted: "Everything Roxanne is saying is complete and utter rubbish! 'People invading my personal space'.. you were fighting with Ben etc.. you are a horrible human.. All PR! You are nothing but an arsehole.. shouldn't be on TV (sic)"

During her interview, Roxanne admitted she had realised she had "got it wrong" with her accusation against the 'Coronation Street' actor.

She said: "At the time it hurt but when I looked back at the clip as soon as I left the house, it was the first thing I did and I got it wrong, I really got it wrong...

"I agree fully with every single person who was outraged."