Aidan Turner grew bored of seeing his bare chest on TV as 'Poldark's popularity grew.

Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner

The 37-year-old actor admitted that a photo of him scything in a field started to overshadow the BBC show and he eventually grew tired of having to discuss it in interviews.

Aidan said: "It began to overshadow the show and that frustrated me. It just got boring."

The handsome star is set to play Leonardo da Vinci in a new series, and he admits he couldn't reject the opportunity.

He told Radio Times: "Leonardo da Vinci in a new series,

"It was too hard to turn down. I would’ve regretted not doing it for the sake of wearing another billowy shirt."

Aidan also admitted that playing the iconic artists was a "very exciting and humbling experience".

He said: "As we know, Leonardo da Vinci was a man who created an incredible body of work across so many disciplines.

"As an actor, to explore the inner workings of this great artist was a very exciting and humbling experience and I feel so fortunate to have worked with such a great team in Rome to make this series happen."

Martin Backlund, the head of content at UK Prime Video, has also teased details of the new show, revealing it tells a "riveting backstory" about the artist.

He explained: "'Leonardo' is a beautiful drama that tells a riveting backstory of one of the most fascinating artistic figures in history.

"I know our customers will be absorbed from the first episode and we can’t wait to see Aidan Turner back on our screens exclusively to Prime Members in the UK and Ireland."

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