Alan Carr quit Twitter because he was tired of listening to people moan.

Alan Carr

Alan Carr

The 43-year-old comedian decided to say goodbye to his five million followers after he grew bored of people complaining and says the micro blogging platform lost its sense of "community".

Appearing on 'Good Morning Britain' on Friday (11.06.20), he said: "I've just gone because I thought it was becoming something - when I started it was very funny, like a community. It then got like speakers' corner towards the end.

"Everyone's moaning, and I've worked four years in call centre so my days of listening to people moaning are well over. So I cut off it and I feel better."

Alan decided to delete his account shortly after former 'Love Island' presenter Caroline Flack took her own life in February and he called out the irony of trolls blasting him even after signing Caroline's Law.

He previously said: "The last bit I got, it was quite inane, just 'You're sh*t' or something like that. And then I looked at the person's timeline and they'd just signed Caroline's Law about how she feels like the media should be a bit nicer, and I just thought, 'Well, what the f*** am I doing on this sh*tty app anyway?' I thought, 'It just affects my mental health'."

Meanwhile, the 'Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow' host revealed he was "nervous" to bring back the nation's favourite gameshows for his new ITV show as he didn't want to lose the "magic" that veteran presenters brought to their shows.

He added: "I was so nervous because we all have such lovely memories of them. I remember sitting with my family on Saturday night watching 'Play Your Cards Right'. I didn't want to mess it up for Bruce Forsyth, Des O'Conner. I hope I captured some of the buzz - the magic of the show."